Using boar and badger shaving brushes is that they make considerable contribution to animal cruelty.

And you do not always need to be a vegan activist to take note of it. Feeling animal hair on the skin every day has its share of eeriness to it. Like imagine using the one of the first horsehair toothbrushes!

Synthetic shaving brushes offer you a cruelty-free and guilt-freealternative to wet shaving. The best synthetic shaving brush still:

  • Gives you super rich lather
  • Treats your skin like a child
  • Last you an eternity
  • Makes every shaving experience totally memorable

You could well be inspired by veganism, fed up with animal cruelty or may just be checking out another option in shaving brushes.

Or it well could be a combination of these.

The good news is manufacturers have responded well to this and we are now seeing welcome diversification in the types, qualities and purposes of synthetic toothbrushes.

In this article, I gel you through some really well-made synthetic brushes in the market today. Read on for detailed reviews.

What Make Synthetic Brushes Different From Boar and Badger Brushes?

It starts with the source of the bristles used in these brush types.

While in badger and boar shaving brushes, animal hair is used for bristles, synthetic brush bristles are made of various materials starting from high quality nylon fiber to custom developed micro-fiber bristles.

For a long time, badger brushes have been considered the best traditional grooming tools.

However, synthetic brushes have been through a sea change in quality and several improved varieties no provide a great experience of shaving.

But we will concede the quality debate is tilted toward badger and boar, even if ever so slightly now. But unlike boar and badger, synthetic brushes are cruelty free.

What Characteristic You’ll Look When Buying a Best Synthetic Shaving Brush?

  • Is it free from animal product? The brush is not synthetic if it contains animal products. The best synthetic brushes will not use animal products even in the handle. If you are an animal lover and like to use cruelty free products only, it is imperative you check whether the product is completely free from animal hair or fur.
  • How nicely does it hold the soap? In wet shaving, it is very important that the brush holds the soap. This is done way better in badger and boar brushes than in synthetic ones. Only better synthetic brushes give you water retention of a superior level. So if you are going for a synthetic shaving brush, go for a slightly costlier one.
  • Does it create extraordinary lather? Modern synthetic shaving brushes have micro-textured bristles that are hard on soaps and soft on skin. This is how they manage to create such exceptional lather in all weathers.In fact, this is precisely how synthetic brushes have managed to rev up the competition with boar and badger brushes.
  • Is the bristle soft enough for sensitive skin? While you will look for bristles that are hard enough for lather making,you would also want them to be soft and sensitive for the skin. This is why so many bristles now come with satin tips, so they are not too hard on sensitive skin. Also, this should not interfere with the lather making ability of the brush.
  • Is it finely crafted? Shaving brushes are more than just shaving essentials. There is a lot of effort that goes into them. This is why we look into the craft behind shaving brushes. If you are spending good money on a synthetic shaving brush, you may as well get something that has been done neatly. This is where the craft comes in.

Our Top 5 Recommended Synthetic Shaving Brush Review

# Satin Tip Shave Brush the Purest Luxury Synthetic, Black

Our impression

Satin Tip Shave Brush

Synthetic brushes have the ability to match the quality of even the best from badger and boar, provided they are something like the Satin Tip luxury shaving brush.

This is the finest possible brush quality in synthetic brushes and you may rest assured that no animals have been harmed in the process of making this brush.

The brush is both soft and firm respectively.

It is soft enough to make sure no harm is done to the face and it is hard enough to give you rich lather every time.

The handle of the Satin Tip brush is also a great scorer for it.

There is a rubberized low-slip coating on the handle that makes sure it does not slip out of grip at any point.

We thought this was one of the major benefits of the brush as a whole.

The entire summation of the Satin Tip luxury brush is to bring in a feel of luxury to wet shaving without you having to pay luxuriously.


  • Purest synthetic bristles with satin tips.
  • Soft on face, hard for lather.
  • Rubber coating on soft handle.
  • Ultra luxurious feel.
  • Affordable price point.


  • Doesn’t exactly feel like a badger.
  • Lather making ability gradually decreases.

# The Body Shop Men’s Synthetic Shaving Brush

Our impression

The Body Shop

The synthetic shaving brush from Body Shop closely emulates the design of a rather sophisticated badger brush with dual color tones.

The handle is made of decent quality wood and the body shop logo is centrally placed to neatly round up the aesthetics.

The brush enhances the kind of lather you get as the bristles are better than the usual low grade synthetic brushes we see.

It is 4.25 inches tall and you will usually get good momentum when shaving with it.

The good thing about the Body Shop synthetic brush is that unlike other synthetics, the bristles do not mat together once the brush is wet.

If you are chiefly concerned about this facet of synthetic brushes, you may safely opt for this one.

Also, this brush is a great gift for any of your acquaintances who is just starting off with wet shaving. Since the bristles are synthetic, the brush dries off remarkably faster.


  • Quick to dry, nice quality bristles.
  • Great for wet shaving beginners.
  • Well done aesthetics.
  • Great price point.
  • Soaks up a lot of water.


  • Problems with bristles holding up.
  • The tips become harder with use.

# Parker Safety Razor SYNTHETIC Bristle Shaving Brush 

 Our impression

Parker shaving brush

It does not matter whether it is a synthetic or badger or for that matter a safety razor or a double-edge blade.

You can always expect Parker to amaze you with looks.

The blue wooden handled synthetic brush from the company is no exception.

Since the bristles are synthetic, you do not have any cruelty on your hands (or the face) when shaving.

The brush bristles dry up remarkably quicker and you have a product that is good both for travel and household use.

Another good point about the Parker synthetic brush is the kind of lather that it produces.

It is a wonderful alternative for those who seek cruelty-free shaving brushes instead of badger and boar shaving brushes.

And if you thought that was all, it comes with a functional and beautiful stand that you can use to store the brush once the work is done.

The only scope for improvement would be the lather making prowess.


  • Cool blue aesthetics best in segment.
  • Comes with a free stand.
  • Bristles dry up very quickly.
  • Suits both home and travel use.


  • Water retention could have been superior.
  • Better quality lather making was expected.

# Parker Safety Razor SYNTHETIC Bristle Shaving Brush 

Our impression

Parker shaving brush

The classic white handled synthetic brush from Parker reminds you of those old barber salons you might have visited with grandpa.

And we are not exaggerating about this. It is one of those beautiful products that stand the test of time just like that.

The off-white handle perfectly plays along with the base color of the dual color tone bristles.

The top color makes the brush emulate the aesthetics of some pure badger brush.

The Parker synthetic brush is a delight for those of you who refrain from using animal sourced products.

The fast drying capability means you can shave at home and immediately take it for travel too.

Also, you will like the shaving stand that comes included.

It solves some of your drying and storage woes in a flash.

The bristles are very soft and you are able to create great quality lather with it. In fact, the lather quality replicates that of a premium boar brush.


  • Great retro aesthetics.
  • Comes with included stand for drying.
  • Boar quality lather making.
  • Dries away fairly quickly.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.


  • Could be too stiff for some.
  • Not for seasoned badger users.

# Omega Shaving Brush  90081 Syntex 100% Synthetic Classic

Our impression

Omega Shaving Brush # 90081

Almost every other synthetic brush out there wants to appear a boar or a badger.

That is precisely what the Omega synthetic does not. It looks like a synthetic brush – right from the tip of the bristles to the base of the stand.

There are no pretenses to start with. The lush white bristles tell you this brush is 100% synthetic.

The bristles are soft enough to give you enough lather for close shaves.

The quality of the brush on a whole can be deemed fabulous.

The comfortable resin handle of the brush is quite easy to hold and on several counts easier to maneuver.

The brush has been made in Italy and promises the best of craftsmanship and detailing.

If you are an animal friendly person, you will like the brush is made of completely man made materials.

It generally holds sufficed water and lathers up quicker than other synthetic brushes.


  • Lathers up quickly.
  • Holds enough water on the face.
  • Does not make skin itch.
  • 100% synthetic and cruelty free.
  • Synthetic aesthetics, no case of pretense.


  • Synthetic feel may be a turn-off.
  • Not the easiest brush to handle.

What Make the Satin Tip Shave Brush the Purest Luxury Synthetic, Black a Better Choice Than the Rest?

We give the Satin Tip the top spot purely because of the feel of the brush.

The tips of the brush feel just so soft on the face that you almost feel you are using a good quality badger.

Not with standing that, the bristles are hard enough to make rich lather for you.

The rubber coating on the handle is as soft as it gets and you couldn’t have asked for a better hold. All this comes at an impressive price point.

Bottom Line

A cruelty free product has its own advantages and disadvantages. The best synthetic brush will be more of the former and less of the latter. Choose wisely.

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