Take three seconds. Imagine a teddy bear.

Take another three seconds. Now imagine a pug.

They are both cute, friendly and huggable. But one is not real,the other is. One does not needs care, the other does.

And that is how different a disposable razor is from a straight one.

A straight razor needs to be cared for – not by another Tom, Dick or Harry; but the best straight razor strop out there.

Razor strops are meant to protect the form and vigor of your favorite straight razor. But most of us have two left when it comes to

  • Finding the perfect strop for razor
  • Using it methodically

I will take on both these issues individually as I slide you into informative reviews on some of the best razor strops in the market.

Straight recommendation: 30 Degree 3

Our top 5 recommended straight razor strop reviews

# Razor Strop 2 1/2″ X 23″ Top Grain Barber’s Razor Strop

Our impression

Razor Strop

You can use the Razor Strop 2 1/2″ X 23″ Top Grain Barber’s Razor Knife Strop for almost every blade out there – razors, knives and daggers.

The brown shade is made completely of leather and the blacker shade is made of plastic leather.

You can easily hang the strop with the help of the hanging clamp once you are done stropping.

You get a good grip with the help of the split ends of the artificial when you are sharpening the leather.

You will not have to face the typical length issues with this strop. At its longest, it measures 23.5” and is approximately 2.5” wide.

This means you can fit in a blade of any dimension in there. So how well does it work?

For one thing, you cannot expect the performance of strops which have dyed leather with this one.

The leather on this has not been dyed.

But the quality is still good enough unless you are using substandard leather blades.

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  • Hanging clips serve well for storage.
  • Extra fine steel compound generates enhanced performance.
  • Works great with perpendicular stropping.
  • Two strops in one.
  • Misleading “overall length” description.
  • Does not use best quality materials.

# 30 Degree 3" Black Latigo Leather Razor Strop with Handle

Our impression

30 Degree 3″ Black Latigo

The 30 Degree strop is only for straight razor blades.

You should not use it for knives and other blades.

The length of the strop is 17 inches and that might appear to be an issue in the beginning.

The width is pretty average at 3”. However, despite the average length and width, this strop works up tremendous performance for you.

The latigo high quality leather used in the strop makes it a masterful sharpening device.

Since it is a twin polishing strop, you can use both the strops alternatively.

This is actually a major plus as you essentially get two strops at the price of one!

The chrome hardware gives you a modern aesthetic feel, which is furthered with the new black look on the strop.

It has been made in the USAand is a welcome relief to those of you who have been trying to step out of China for a while!

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  • Made in the USA.
  • Two strops in one.
  • Latigo high quality leather.
  • Great finish on blades.
  • Custom-built for straight razor blades.
  • Best aesthetics by some distance.
  • Low width and length on individual belts.
  • Poses issues with hanging after use.

# Professional Quality Sharpening Strop Made of Real Leather 3" Wide and 22" Long

Our impression

Sharpening Strop

The Sharpening Strop is among the few strops out there that promise gold quality sharpening.

At 3”, it is narrower than most strops out there. But anyway, you do not make full use of a 5” wide strop.

You will be pleased with an overall length of 24” as well as the comfort with which the handles of the strop can be held.

The feel of the strop is generally traditional.

So if you are someone who does not like old school grooming aids, there is some displeasure for you.

You can easily hang the strop after use with the help of the movable hook that is actually pretty strong.

Like many other modern strops for straight razors, this one can be used on both the sides. Since the width is thinner than most strops out there, you will need to strop back and forth in an “X” pattern.

The black stop is not genuine leather, unlike the front and feels like plastic polyurethane.

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  • Good for two-end sharpening.
  • Works with most straight razor models.
  • Well-made, professional aesthetics.
  • Easy “X” pattern stropping action.
  • Impressively priced.
  • Take a lot of time to sharpen.
  • Slightly misleading description on length.

# Leather Barber Strop, Straight Razor Shaving Strop

Our impression

Leather Barber Strop

This leather strop has an overall length of 21.5inches and this is not to be confused with the length that is actually applicable to stropping.

Unless you are clear on this, the product description (like it is happening with many) can appear to be slightly misleading.

The width of the leather strop is also slightly on the lower end (3”), considering most leather strops are now giving you 5” of width.

So you will have to apply the unconventional “X” pattern for stropping your blades on this one.

We would go ahead to advise using the green compound on this.

But if this is the only strop you have, you can wait till you collect some of the best straight razor blades, before you invest in the buffing compound.

Since the material used is cowhide, you can expect the performance to go up with every use.

The top fabric allows you to clean/warm the blade prior to stropping.

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  • Two-sided fabric for cleaning and stropping.
  • Quality improves with time.
  • Adds sheen to blades.
  • Takes off the micro burrs from blades.
  • Shorter and thinner than most.
  • Cannot be conditioned easily.
  • Poor stropping at the beginning.

# Parker's Handmade 3" x 27" Red Latigo Leather Straight Razor Strop

Our impression

Parker’s strop

The Parker's Handmade leather strop is among the newest and most aesthetically pleasing leather strops available out there.

While the overall length is 27 inches, you only receive 17 inches of that length for stropping.

This is actually the biggest downside to this strop. You will find ways to make do with the 3” width which is almost enough for daily stropping.

The Chicago hardware is pretty durably applied in this strop from Parker.

The front is made of pure leather. And like most other strops you will find out there, the reverse is made of polypropylene fabric.

You can leverage the paddle handle of the strop to create just the necessary amount of tension for the strop.

Each piece is handmade inside the USA.

That is perhaps the only relief you need when running away from cheaper Trans-Atlantic alternatives.

The fasteners are exceptionally good.

But you will have to keep testing for over a month to determine the leather quality.

Click here to see current pricing and reviews on Parker's Handmade leather strop


  • Replicates stropping of the olden days.
  • Neatly done aesthetics.
  • Great texture on the leather.
  • Starts performing from Day 1.
  • Removes all inconsistencies from blade.
  • Suspicious leather quality.
  • Not fit for all straight razor blades.

Types of straight razor strop!

Here are some popular strops for straight razors. We are including the unconventional!

  • Newspaper strops: Yes, newspapers can be strops. The ink creates enough abrasion for stropping straight razors. And there is no worry about running a straight blow or maintaining the newspaper.
  • Balsa wood: Balsa wood mated with stropping compound can become excellent strops. These come cheap and you can have them from the neighborhood craft store. They are particularly effective with blade edges.
  • Bench strops: It was used only for chisels and knives. Now, we have designs where a piece of wood is attached to a leather belt.
  • Hanging strops: These are the ones developed for barbers. Most of the ones we describe below are this type.
  • Loom straps: In these strops, the leather is wrapped tightly around the wood/metal bracket. The “loom” shape comes from the complete wrapping of leather around the metal.

What characteristics will you look when buying a straight razor strop?

  • Suitable size

The size of most hanging strops is only mentioned as the overall length and width. The width may range from 3” to 5”. The length could be between 17” and 30”.

You should consider a lower value since this includes the hanging hooks as well. It is always better to go with the longer lengths.

  • Strop material quality

Some may be cowhide leather and others may simply be made of polyurethane.

Modern strop models often have a two-sided utility.

One side is generally pure and the other is a mix between leather and plastic.

The plastic side can be used for cleaning and the leather serves conventional stropping.

  • Is it long enough and have comfortable handle?

The length of the strop designed the convenience or inconvenience you will have with it.

If the length is short it will take you several stroking actions.

This can be cumbersome.

Longer strops need lesser strokes and if it has a good handle, you will have a fair idea of the hold as well.

  • Price

Price is a relatively low-value option when it comes to choosing strops.

There are several ways in which the price can be influenced. For example, one of the strops we reviewed has twin belts, which effectively make it two strops in one.

You will have to take a relative approach here.

What makes the 30 degree 3″ black latigo leather razor strop better choice than the rest?

The 30 Degree is just average when you merely judge the specs of the razor.

However, as soon as you start hitting the blade on it you will understand the difference that the “Made in USA” tag makes.

It is slightly more expensive than your normal, but combines two strops in one to add to its value.

The custom-build for straight razor blades give it is an impressive go-getter role!

Bottom line

Stropping for straight razor blades is heavily dependent on the level of information in your decision. Make sure to [take the correct steps.

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