I am a huge fan of simplicity.

And for me, simplicity in daily life starts with the morning shave.

If you combine the two values, single blade razors are too obvious to leave unnoticed.

They have a simple, singular and definitive function – the closest morning shaves. No frills, no gimmicks.

But finding the best single blade razor could still be as crooked as finding meaning with Netflix for electric shavers (kidding). Why? Here’s why:

  • Most razors with butterfly or screw systems are single blade shavers
  • There are boatloads of brands that manufacture single blade razors

And I won’t be there to click your mouse. But I am making up for it with this article. Here is a review of some of the very best in single blade razors. Mornings are awesome!

Straight recommendation: Merkur Heavy Duty

Why single blade razors are better choice than multi-blade razor?

  • Give you better shave: We are not fighting this point too hard. But we do intend to make it clear that single-blade razors give you the option to exert more pressure on difficult areas. This pressure can be manually controlled and you may make sure that you get it right every time.
  • Comparatively cheaper than multi-blade razor: This is a definitive advantage of investing in a single-blade razor over a multi-blade razor. Even if doesn’t turn out well, you do not face a great loss. Most single-blade razors, unlike their multi-blade counterparts, are not astronomically priced. This helps a lot.
  • Higher durability: Single-blade razors of higher qualities are constructed of brass or stainless steel. This is often topped with a beautiful chrome finish. Together, these make single-blades way sturdier than multi-blade cartridge razors that are made from plastic and fiber. You almost always get better durability with the single-blades.
  • Easy cleaning (no clogs): It gets very difficult to clean multi-blade razors because of the multiple blades. Hair particles and shaving cream often get clogged in the space between the blades, making it very difficult to clean. This is thankfully not the case with single blade razors that can be opened in the blade compartment and cleaned.
  • Better for sensitive skin: It has been well accepted that single-blade razors are still better for sensitive skin types, despite all the advancement in multi-blade cartridge razors. In fact, only a few multi blade-mechanisms that have been specially designed work well for sensitive skin. If you get the best shaving cream for sensitive skin, a good single-blade razor can take care of the rest.

What characteristics will you look when buying a best single blade razor?

  • Choose the suitable types

There are quite a few types in single-blade razors. You have the butterfly opening razors and the screw ones. By some counts, eve cut-throats qualify as single-blade razors.

Make sure that you are informed well before taking any decision. Each type has its own purpose and specialty. So you are dealing with a pretty elaborate set here.

  • Size & weight

The size and weight are two very important factors for single-blade razors.

The weight distribution of the razor must be even and you should be ready to take into account various factors that govern the very make of the razor.

This has to make do with the shaving momentum and glide and need to be considered very carefully.

  • Blade should have exposure on both sides

You do not need to use the most effective safety razors to get this done.

Even the most basic ones will do.

Since the blade has two distinct edges.

It is only in your advantage that you make the most of both the edges of the blade.

This also maximizes the usability of the blade.

  • Blade should replace easily

There should be no issue for replacement of blades when you are using a single-blade razor.

The model you pick should also be friendly with shaving blades from brands and even unbranded safety razor blades.

The butterfly-mechanism razors make it really easy to open up the blade.

Choose one of these if you want real quick blade replacements.

  • Availability

If there is a blade-compatibility issue with the razor, you will want to go with something that does not run out of stock often.

For example, most Merkur razors perform best with Merkur blades.

This is one of the top reasons you should make sure there are no availability issues both with the blades and the razors.

Our top 5 recommended single blade razor reviews

# Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

Our impression


The Long Handled Merkur safety razor promises shaves that are extra close.

It comes with signature Merkur quality shaving promise and has a chrome finish to its sturdy body.

If you have large hands, the long handle of the razor will work great for you.

Like all other models from Merkur, this one too is Made in Germany. The razor body is made of stainless steel.

Even if you shave in the shower, this waterproof single blade razor will not rust.

The razor is available in three makes: slim with guard, long with guard and long.

The long comes with the custom long handle that helps you transition better if you are used to convenient disposable razors.

There is a ledge on each side of the base near the head.

The long handle with guard gives you the best of two.

Most advise stating out with the long handle, which is the basic make of the model.

Check price >> Merkur Long Handled Here!


  • Long handled for convenient use.
  • Comes in three makes.
  • Great for large hands.
  • Great grip; does not slip.
  • Waterproof stainless steel body.
  • Chrome finish.


  • Non-adjustable body; does not suit all hands.
  • Shallow build quality.

# Parker 96R – Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor 

Our impression

Parker 96R

You can trust the Parker 96R merely for the fact that it has been around for over 40 years now.

And the thing about the best Parker razors is that they have only been imitated, never duplicated.

You can look into the aspect of blade adjustment easily with the butterfly doors that work in a twist-to-open fashion.

The razor comes with a texture the handle that offers you the surest of grips.

You can make out the solid construction of the brass frame just by holding the razor.

The Parker 96Rscroes another brownie point with the 5 super sharp SHARK BLADES. Honestly, we though these blades take the performance of the Parker 96R to an all new level altogether.

While it is easy for you to be taken back by the gorgeous looks of the razor, it is equally well-paced with per romance.

The closeness of shaves takes you near to a barbershop experience every time you use it.

Click to see current pricing on Parker 96R


  • 40 years of unrelenting performance.
  • Among the few original safety razors.
  • Butterfly blade system; easy to open.
  • Definitive grip with the textured razor handle.


  • Looks may vary.
  • Mechanical action comparable to cheaper alternatives.
  • Could be harsh on sensitive skin.

# Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Lined Detail Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor 

Our impression

Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl

The DE89Lbl from Edwin Jagger smells of chrome right from the get go.

For one, the head is something that works well for most DE blades.

If you are not afraid of a close shave with safety razors, you should definitely give the JaggerDE89Lbl a chance.

The singular greatest thing about this model is the balance that the company has struck with the model.

The very build of the razor makes you feel it is durable and smart.

You will like how the DE89Lbl has been neatly packed into a box by Edwin Jagger.

This makes it a great gift as well. You may either use the traditional cup and brush shaving lather form or go for modern gel lubricants for shaving as well.

However, we would personally ask you to go for one among the best shaving creams for safety razors.

The creams are known to offer better lubrication and glide every time.

Buy from Amazon – Edwin Jagger at Amazon.com


  • Gorgeous looks; great body balance.
  • Extra close shaver every time.
  • Beautiful chrome finish.
  • Works with hands of all sizes.
  • Great packaging.


  • Standard quality control issues.
  • Finish mat be missing on some units.

# Parker 22R – Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor 

Our impression

Parker 22R

There is something remarkably different with the Parker 22R from other Parkers just when you look at it.

It has black chrome finish all around the body and the handle has been beautifully textured to give it great aesthetics.

It does not matter whether you are new or accustomed to DE shaving, you can get the best out of this razor.

The trick here is in the technique. The Parker 22R required no special shaving technique that is common in several other high-end models.

The durable brass frame beneath the chrome finish of the Parker 22R offers all the resistance and durability that you need.

And the good thing is the package includes 5 sharp Skark blades.

The blades are super-chrome finished and make the perfect team with the Parker 22R.

If you have a genuine love for wet shaving, this is that one product you should seriously consider.

A barbershop experience is just round the corner.

Click to see pricing  Here!


  • Totally serviceable design.
  • Long handled with butterfly mechanism.
  • Beautifully finished with chrome application.
  • Includes 5 shark blades.
  • Great for new and experienced wet shaving.


  • Can be a little too aggressive for some.
  • Quite delicate wings.

# Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor (Blade Included)

Our impression


The Heavy Duty has been our favorite safety razor for quite a while and you may read our detailed review of the Merkur HD to know why.

This is one gem of a product is you are aspiring to go for a military shave every morning.

The short and textured handle gives great momentum to shaving and works surprisingly well with even larger hands.

While it gives the closest wet shaves you can imagine, it is equally gentle on sensitive skin.

The Heavy Duty from Merkur is a rank winner for those with dense beards.

If you have a dense beard and a very sensitive skin and want to get going with both, this is the razor for you.

Take into account the fact that the performance goes even higher if you can manage to use Merkur blades with the HD.

These blades considerable reduce the number of passes you need to make for the closest shaves.

Buy now >> Merkur Heavy Duty


  • Short and weighty; great shaving momentum.
  • Comes with a textured handle.
  • Gives you the closest wet shaves.
  • Works well with both gels and creams.
  • Drool-worthy chrome finish.


  • May be an issue for very large hands.
  • Chrome finish does not last too long.

Both razors (single & multi) also have some similarities

  • Both provide close shaving experiences

This is a common for both single and multi-blade shaving.

The shaving experience is very close.

The two types complete severely to provide perfect military shaves.

This is in fact, that one avenue where both give tough competition to electric and foil shavers.

You may choose either if shaving closeness is a priority.

  • Both provide wet& dry shave

While this does not apply to all models in either category, there are models in both the families that provide dry as well as wet shaves.

These are priced pretty above the average mark and you may miss out on the closeness of shaves.

But wet/dry shaving is an option for both blade mechanisms nonetheless.

  • Both shave in all angles

The good thing about shaving with a single-blade or a multi-blade razor is that you can easily maneuver them in any angle you want.

For single-blade shavers, you just get one thin surface that you may twist.

The multi-blade ones make up for that with flexible necks and sturdy build quality.

How to shave with a single blade razor?

Here are the steps to shave with single blade razors:

Get the right tools

The first one is obviously a good quality single-blade safety razor. The, you will need a blade that fits the bill. A shaving brush and soap/gel/cream completes the list.

Prepare your beard

The best way to soften the beard is to shave right after the shower. This will both prepare your beard and moisturize the skin.

Lather up

This is where you use shaving cream and a brush to make lather. You may do it with the help of a bowl or do it directly on the face.

Time the shave

Once the lather is spread on the face, shave with the single-blade razor with the grain. If needed, repeat against the grain.


Close water rinsing closes the pores and a nice aftershave treats burns and razor bumps.

What makes the merkur heavy duty double edge razor better choice than the rest?

The Merkur heavy Duty is our favorite safety razor for some stout reasons – it has a short make that gives it momentum for closer shaves.

The texture makes it a fit for larger hands too.

The chrome finish makes it look like a premium product.

And honestly, it gives you the best military shaves at the best price point.

Bottom line

Single blade razors have been designed for close shaving and daily performance. Make a call with close consideration and with daily comfort in mind.

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