Nature is awesome – sometimes in weird ways!

Or how else do you explain a combination of tough manly beard and ultra-sensitive skin?

And if you have sensitive skin, there’s no compromising with these:

  1. Shavers / razors designed for sensitive skin
  2. Good pre-shave oil
  3. Specially designed shaving gel for sensitive skin

I have already talked in detail about good pre-shave oil and razors for sensitive skin in other articles.Today, I will attempt a break down on some of the most useful shave gels for sensitive skin.

Before I move away with the article, here’s a reassurance: you can shave in a completely carefree manner if you get your technique right and grab a product each from each of the categories I mentioned above.


Straight recommendation: Edge Shave Gel

What characteristic you’ll look when buying a best shaving gel for sensitive skin?

  • Does it provide close and comfortable shave? Investing in a sensitive shaving gel should not only be favorable for skin irritation, but you should also get close and comfortable shaves with it.
    If the closeness and comfort of the shave are ignored, you will any way feel the burn of the shave. The lubricants included in the gel play a major role here.
  • Does it minimize skin burn and irritation? The cardinal purpose of a shaving gel for sensitive skin is to do away with any feeling of burn and irritation before and after the shave.
    When you invest in a product like that, you should make sure it goes well with the irritation and burn in the skin. This helps a lot with both irritation and burn.
  • Does it improve razor glide? Much of the shaving irritation we know of occurs because of imperfect razor glides.
    Even the best safety razors for sensitive skin need aid from really good lubrication.You should go for shaving creams that have the best lubricating agents for shaving.
    This way you will have a lubricating layer between your skin and the razor blade.
  • Is it lightly fragranced? This might not be the highest priority in the list. But it is always good to have some fragrance in shaving products.
    It sets the mood right while shaving. And a happy man always shaves better. But make sure the fragrance is light only. When too hard, the fragrance can last a really long while and overpower other scents.
  • Does it improve your skin? One of the most important purposes of shaving creams for sensitive skin is to repair and heal the skin over time.
    If successfully done, this takes the dread out of daily shaving. However, this is a gradual process and you should not expect any miracles. Just go for a cream that has an intensive healing action.
  • Is it non-alcoholic? Alcohol is the last thing that you would want in a shaving gel for sensitive skin.
    Even if you use the best safety razor blades and the gel has alcohol, you will definitely face some irritation.
    It is always healthier and safer to go for shaving gels that include natural ingredients. Natural shaving gels also soothe skin way better than alcoholic ones.

Our top 5 recommended shaving gel review

# King of Shaves Alpha-Gel Shaving Gel, Sensitive, 5 Ounce

Our impression

King of Shaves

The Alpha-Gel from King of Shaves provides you with great glide for razor and close blade performance for the most comfortable shaves.

The gel has been thoroughly adapted for use on sensitive skin. That is why you find tea tree oil and aloe along with other essential oils in the gel.

The gel is completely devoid of fragrance and has been tested on people from varied demographics to make sure it suits you irrespective of your age.

So it does not matter whether you are 17 or 70.

The lack of fragrance in the gel is another great aid for sensitive skin.

You will actually like the way the get adapts to your skin in the first few days of use.

Also, as I is the case with several other gels, the Alpha-Gel is very low on foam. This allows you to have clear vision of the area you are shaving.

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  • No fragrance for nasal sensitivity.
  • Great razor glide and total blade performance.
  • Tested demographically.
  • Low foam for clear vision.
  • Not tested on animals or humans.


  • No rich lather.
  • Slightly messy moisturizing.
  • Lasts only one pass.

# Gillette Fusion Hydra Gel Ultra Sensitive Shave Gel, 7 oz (Pack of 6)

Our impression


The Hydra Gel from Gillette Fusion has been developed essentially for sensitive skin.

The formula for the Hydra Gel includes several hydrating emollients that help in protecting hair and softening skin.

With a combination of these, you can extract very comfortable razor glides and extremely close shaves from your razor.

The gel also works if you have very dense beard. The hydrating action softens beard before it acts on it.

At the same time it is also very soft on the skin and aids in the protection.

On the whole, the glide that the Hydra Gel creates for you is really smooth and lasts several passes.

It works all the better if you can combine it with one of the best Gillette cartridge razors. The gel really suits the multi-blade mechanism of cartridge razors.

However, you may also team it up with safety razor blades as well. As of now, the Hydra Gel ships only inside the USA.

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  • Works great on tough beards.
  • Great choice for Gillette cartridges.
  • Creates an additional layer of lubrication.
  • Very soft on sensitive skin.


  • No visible lather at all.
  • Sticky feeling after rinsing.
  • Not as effective as foam.

# Edge Shave Gel for Men Sensitive Skin – 7 Ounce (Pack of 6)

Our impression

Edge Shave Gel

The Edge shaving gel is a sheer champion for sensitive skin.

It contains classified aloe that has been included t reduce skin sensitivity.

The lubricants and moisturizing make it an excellent product for all round razor glides.

You always have a refreshed feeling on the face courtesy of the cooling conditioners of the gel.

For better protection, you may choose to go with a Gillette razor for sensitive skin.

There are six individual formulas in the Edge shave gel that allow you to get ready for those perfect mornings.

The special formulation of the shave gel makes sure you get very low irritation even on your worst skin day.

On the whole, it does not matter if you are looking to make a comeback or for another ride, this is the gel that will take care of your skin sensitivity issues when shaving. Forget those painful razor bumps once and for all.

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  • Six different formulas for skin sensitivity.
  • Goes well with all beard types.
  • Supports most cartridge razors.
  • Lasting cooling effect after shaves.
  • Suited for work and play.


  • Not too friendly with the sink.
  • Not the bubbliest feeling lather.

# The Gillette Series Shave Gel With Aloe, Sensitive Skin, 7 Oz Bottle (Pack of 6)

Our impression

Gillette Series Shave Gel


When Gillette makes shaving creams and gels, they generally make sure skin sensitivity issues are addressed.

And when they make a custom product for sensitive skin, this only inspires more confidence.

The Gillette Series sensitive gel comes loaded with aloe for extra aid to sensitive skin.

There are several lubricating ingredients in the gel that offer maximum protection when shaving.

The triple action formula of the gel refreshes skin, hydrates cells and protects from nicks and cuts all along.

There is just a hint of fragrance for refreshment.

But you do not need to worry about it if you are not keen.

You may always override that scent with one of our favorite aftershaves. While the can material is metal, you do not need to worry about rusting.

Even if you leave it under the shower endlessly, the material will never rust. However, we did notice some quality control issues in a few models.

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  • Works well on sensitive skin.
  • Comes infused with aloe.
  • Very light fragrance.
  • Does not scar the skin.
  • Minimally fragranced for refreshment.


  • Clogs and jams drains.
  • Sever quality control issues.
  • Many cans are defective.

# NIVEA Men Sensitive Shaving Gel 7 Ounce (Pack of 3)

Our impression

NIVEA Men Sensitive Shaving Gel

The sensitive gel for shaving from NIVEA Men comes with loaded Skin Guard™ technology that allows protection even against the micro cuts which are acutely painful while shaving.

The technology also heavily guards against standard shaving irritation from blades.

The NIVEA Men sensitive shaving gel has the ability to make shaves extra smooth and comfortable for you.

To further minimize any risk of irritation, Nivea has made this gel completely free from shaving dyes.

The NIVEA Men shaving gel comes in an economy pack of three.

These three last you for several months and keep providing rich, creamy lather for very comfortable shaves. T

he great thing about the shaving gel is the way it acts on the glide of the razor.

This makes the razor glide way smoother.

There is always added protection on the micro cuts and general irritation due to this additional lubrication.

Plus, there is added Vitamin E for extra protection against cuts.

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  • Added vitamin E for extra protection.
  • Helps against micro cuts and irritation.
  • No used of dyes for minimum risk.
  • Leaves comfortable and smooth skin.
  • Comfortable and close shaves.


  • Average action compared to Gillette.
  • Required in greater quantities.

What makes the edge shave gel for men sensitive skin a better choice than the rest?

Lowest price I found on the Edge Shave Gel

The Edge shave gel is a great product in several ways: it comes loaded with six special formulas that have been designed in adherence to sensitive skin requirements.

Unlike many other gels we reviewed, Edge gel suits beards of all types.

You can literally team it up with any cartridge razor under the sun. The lasting cooling effect of the shave is a pure bonus.

Bottom line

Sensitive skin requires a sensitive shaving gel for minimum irritation. Sensitize your move with our reviews and make a smart choice.

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