Who’s more minimalist between you and Lionel Messi?

You are James Franco if you feel it’s you.

If you think it’s him, it could well be because he is the face of what is one of the best shaving gels out there.

Something like the Gillette shaving gel works wonders for Messi. If it works for him, it could work for you too.

And I tell this to you from experience – a great shaving gel could go a long way into settling you with wet shaving.

But the trick is they all look and smell the same.

How do you know which one works well and which doesn’t.

One, there’s a catch with the smell and;

Two, you haven’t read a lot about shaving gels.

In this article, I tell you what works and what does not when you looking for the absolute best among the shaving gels available in the market today.

Straight recommendation: Aveeno Therapeutic

Our recommended top 5 shaving gel reviews

#Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel, 7 Oz

Our impression


The Aveeno Therapeutic comes in a canister of 7 oz and pays special attention if you have skin that is sensitive and dry.

It also saves you those tacky razor bumps you expect from high-end shaving with sharp blades.

It has natural oatmeal inside that soothes your skin gently while you are shaving.

You feel the net effect of this long after you have washed the face.

There are special moisturizing lubricants in the gel that greatly reduce dryness of skin.

The Aveeno Therapeutic is pretty simple as far as application goes.

All you need to do is wet the face before application, take a drop of gel on the finger and rub it round the face.

In a moment or two, you will have rich lather on the face.

Once here, just shave and then rinse.

While the gel is translucent, the texture you get on rubbing is more like foam and not cream.

Best deal I found on the Aveeno Therapeutic


  • Small amount produces rich lather.
  • Large 7-ounce canister.
  • Protects sensitive skin when shaving.
  • Prevents razor bumps, saves from dryness.
  • Natural oatmeal leaves soothing effect on skin.
  • Contains special moisturizing lubricants.
  • Flaky dispenser; issue with packaging.
  • Slightly overpriced for the segment.

# Edge Shave Gel for Men Sensitive Skin

Our impression

Edge Shave Gel

The Sensitive Skin shave gel from Edge is already a deal because you get 6 cans together.

But that means you need to be extremely careful on whether the product suits you.

Let us establish a few things for this shave gel.

For one, if you have sensitive skin, you can definitely depend on the aloe of the gel to keep things calm on the face.

There are quality lubricants and moisturizers inside that make sure the razors glide through it.

The Sensitive Skin gel contains several cooling conditioners that leave you with a fresh feeling.

You would however wish that it lasted as long as on some other straight razor shaving gels.

The gel has a light scent about it and though that does not become an issue seven days into use, you may find it slightly unacceptable at the start.

And if you love the bald look, you may even shave your head with it.

>>Best deal I found on the Edge Shave Gel


  • Works for the head too.
  • Light fragrance for the whole day.
  • Aloe keeps the face free from irritation.
  • Cooling conditioners for refreshed feel.
  • Special lubricants for better glide.
  • Foam layer may become too thin.
  • Leaves a certain dryness.

# The Gillette Series Shave Gel With Aloe, Sensitive Skin

Our impression

Gillette shaving gel

The Gillette shave gel is one of the many modern shaving foam gels that contain aloe, which prevents razor blades from scarring the skin.

There are infused lubricating ingredients that help in protecting the skin even when shaving against the grain.

The three major points where the gel helps you include refreshment, protection and hydration.

And we tell you with confidence that it does well with all three. It has light fragrance for refreshment.

The can is metallic but you do not need to worry about rusting.

But it will be advisable not to keep the bottle inside the shower.

The one major downside to the Gillette shaving gel is the chemical breakaway that happens after you wash it.

Many have reported clogged drains from what appears to be lumps of foam.

This could well be a quality control issue.

Make sure you bring home a recently packaged product only.

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  • Good for sensitive skin.
  • Contains aloe for lesser irritation.
  • Additional lubricating compounds for softer glides.
  • Takes care of sensitive skin, reduces razor bumps.
  • Apparent quality control issues persist.
  • Some cans may be defective.

# EZ-Blade Shaving Gel

Our impression

EZ-Blade Shaving Gel

The EZ-Blade gel works well for both professional barbers and every day shavers like you.

But do not mistake it to be one of the regular barber shaving gels.

It is a top quality product that is meant for genuinely good shaves.

It can make do with any make and model of razor, from Moc 3 to Dovo straight razors.

The shave oil technique used in the EZ-Blade is meant to give you shaves without the use of any water.

Unlike many other shave gels that work on the later they produce, the EZ-Blade gel is a clear, non-foam gel.

It helps in opening pores, relaxing facial features and softening the beard.

You will only need to apply a small amount of the gel on the finger trips and rub in circles.

Then, lift the areas where hair is flat lying. This allows the gel to enter the pores below them.

While water is not needed, you may use some.

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  • Suits both professional and personal use.
  • Effective everyday shaving.
  • Uses an oil based formula for waterless shaves.
  • Softens beard before shaving.
  • The gel seems to be runny.
  • Very strong mint smell.

# Edge Shave Gel for Men Extra Moisturizing

Our impression

Edge Extra Moisturizing

The Extra Moisturizing shave gel from Edge is for those who have dry skin.

The infused Vitamin E in the gel gives you a smoother feeling while you shave.

The special moisturizers and set of lubricants in the gel give you that intensely soft glide you always wanted.

There are added conditioners in the gel that leave a refreshing coolness on the skin.

It is one of the few skin protecting shaving gels that takes care of your skin even after you are done shaving.

The Extra Moisturizing Edge gel comes in a total of 6 formats that get your face ready before it faces harsh blades.

The gel is not exactly a foaming one. But it makes far more lather than the cream based gels.

So we will have to place this somewhere in the middle of the scale.

The overall convenience of use outdoes many top shaving gels.

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  • Extra lubricants and moisturizers for softer glides.
  • Six formats for ideal lubrication.
  • Great comfort and closeness.
  • Soft texture lather, does not foam unnecessarily.
  • Foam layer collapses midway through the can.
  • Could clog the drain.

Shaving gel or shaving cream! which one gives you ultimate shave?

This is a rather modern debate that requires you to know that gels are newer and creams have been here for a long time.

And applying shaving soaps is as old as the civilizations.

A shaving gel works up more lather most shaving creams.

Gels are known to have moisturizing properties that help countering dryness of skin.

On the other hand, shaving creams have a greater role in straight razor.

So this is really a case of convenience for you.

If you do not have sensitivity issues, go for a shaving cream.

A gel would do you better if you are shaving with a safety razor and have sensitive skin.

What characteristics will you look when buying the best shaving gel?

  • Choose the perfect one from different types? Yes, there are quite a few types to choose from. There are some that are completely dedicated to hydrating dry skin. Others are more about making rich lather. Some select ones make razor gliding easy as well. A good shaving gel should ideally be the combination of these factors. Or, you may choose the type that suits you.
  • Select those which are transparent and non-foaming: The translucent gels are better than the rest because they are generally oil-based. You will find these make razor glides much smoother. Oil-based gels also do a fine job opening up pores. You will also be able to watch what’s gone and what is left while you are shaving. Plus, they do not clog your sink.
  • It should moisturize you skin: Moisturizing is one of the peak functions of modern shaving gels. If you are using one among the best safety razors, you should be aware that the super-sharp blades can leave the skin extremely dry and scarred. This is why you should always look for something that moisturizes the skin well.
  • Is it made of advanced lubricant? Advanced lubricants inside shaving gels help giving added glide to razors. Most shaving gels now have advanced lubricants that facilitate seamless gliding for razors. This is important in the context of avoiding razor bumps. A major reasons razor bumps occur is because the razors find it difficult to glide.
  • Is it sensitive skin friendly? If you have sensitive skin, you should choose one among the two best shaving gels for sensitive skin. A shaving gel should usually take skin sensitivity into account as most blades are sharp and facial skin is generally soft. However, you so not need to worry much about this if you skin is not too sensitive.
  • Does it come with cooling sensation? Since most blades leave a burning sensation on the face, it is great if the gel comes with a sort of cooling sensation. This prevents scarring and skin irritation and goes on to make sure any nick of cut does not hurt you much. Also, look for something in which the cooling sensation lasts for quite long.

What makes the aveeno therapeutic shave gel better choice than the rest?

The Aveeno Therapeutic gel beats almost every other shaving gel out there.

A drop of the gel almost suffices with enough lather to help you shave your whole face.

The 7-ounce can lasts you more than a month, even with daily use.

It prevents razor bumps better than any other gel and leaves a moisturizing finish on dry skin. And the special moisturizing ingredients are indeed special.

Bottom line

Your wet shaving experience hugely depends on your choice of shaving gel. Go for the one that keeps you cool and hydrated.

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