Not owning a shaving cream warmer does not mean you go – “how on earth am I going to shave now?”

True, a shaving cream warmer is not a necessity. But it’s always an advantage to have one handy.

Note: It is indeed a necessity if you run a barbershop.

And if you are a true-blue wet-shaver, you can sure count one in to dig out the perfect shave.

Here’s a fact – 35% men have sensitive skin. And all of them dread shaving.

What if I cut a nick? My skin could sustain damage. My complexion will be lost or my skin will burn. The razor bumps will tear into my skin all day at work.

If you truly wish for a different route altogether, a shaving cream warmer promises to be a friend for life. Shaving cream warmers make superior lather and soften beard in relatively lesser time. Black men should also draw more benefit from a shaving cream warmer as they tend to have more ingrown hair.

With a responsible shaving cream warmer almost every razor starts behaving responsibly too. But it isn’t as if there are many makes of the best shaving cream warmer in the market. In fact, only a select few models do a good enough job.         

To be honest, only Conair comes up with great quality shaving cream warmers for personal everyday use. Most other brands are geared toward manufacturing warmers for professional use only.

Here is a short comparison chart and reviews of my top 5 picks for you.

Table of contents

  1. Top 7 comparison chart.
  2. Top 5 reviews.
  3. Why you need a shaving cream warmer?
  4. What characteristics should you look before buying…
  5. How to use a shaving cream warmer.
  6. FAQ
  7. Final thought.

Top 7 shaving cream warmer comparison Chart

Best ForWarrantyPrice
Conair HLM10Conair
1 year$$$
Conair HGL1NR/HGL1RConair
1 year$
Scalpmaster Lather MachineLather
Conair Hlm5csConair
1 year$$
Campbell's Campbell'sBarber1 year$$$$
Common WealthCommon
Barber &
1 year$$
Conair HLM5CS Conair
1 year$$

Our recommended top 5 shaving cream warmer reviews

Conair HLM10 Hot Lather Machine

Our impression

Hot lather is a welcome change for people who are tired of an uncomfortable shaving experience with razor burns and irritation. When you make use of hot lather, you manage to soften the beard so that your whiskers are soft enough to be shaved very close without any sort of unpleasant sensations.

The Hot Lather Machine has been designed in a unique manner by Conair and it is meant for easy use by one hand.

The device is capable of heating up in almost a single minute and works with both standard and large sized cans of shaving cream.

The device is extremely easy to use and all you need to do in order to get the best shave is shake your can of shaving foam, slide it easily into this unit and in under a minute, you will get preheated lather right in your hands.

The warm lather is comfortable against the skin and softens the hair to provide you with a smooth and clean shave.

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  • Hot shave.
  • Good amount of lather dispensed.
  • Supports both standard and large sized cans of shaving cream.
  • One hand operation.
  • Indicator lights.
  • Does not heat up lather too much.
  • Difficult to setup.
  • No temperature control functions.

Conair HGL1NR/HGL1R Conair Gel and Lather Heating System

Our impression

The new Conair Gel and Lather Heating System from Conair is a revolutionary new product that has risen to the top of the bestseller list thanks to numerous happy customers who are willing to the vouch to the efficacy of the product.

The shaving cream warmer is capable of heating up your choice of shaving lather or gel in a matter of minutes in order to offer you a complete and pleasurable shaving experience.

No longer will you need to withstand a difficult and uncomfortable shaving experience!

With the Conair Gel and Lather Heating system you are definitely going to be rewarded with a close, smooth and pleasurable shave.

One of the best features of the shaving cream warmer is definitely the addition of a variable temperature control that succeeds at preserving the consistency of the gel and you even get the benefit of a real indicator light.

The gel nozzle for the package boasts of a unique design.

The hot lather that you get not only provides you with a good shave but it helps you experience a comfortable shave as well.

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  • Hot gel and lather.
  • Smooth, close and comfortable shave.
  • Variable temperature control.
  • Gel consistency is good.
  • Ready indicator light.
  • 120V plug in operation.
  • Dispensing system for lather can be better.
  • Does not heat up enough.
  • Package not very durable.

Lather Time Professional Hot Lather Machine

Our impression

If you are a person who enjoys a great shave but could afford to do without any of the uncomfortable razor burns and irritation, then you should definitely make it a point to check out the professional hot lather machine available from Lather Time.

The product is invaluable since it creates a thick, super wet and aerated lather that provides professional quality results when it comes to shaving.

There is a wonderful and handy push button that saves you plenty of trouble when it comes to dispensing the lather easily.

An extra-large soap cup and the presence of non-slip safety rubber pads means that the device is convenient to use.

The product lasts a long time thanks to the unique DC motor and it is very easy to clean using the included cleaning brush with the package.

As a bonus for consumers, you get an 8 oz bottle of liquid shaving cream when you buy this product.

This product is made in the USA.

Check price on the Lather Time Professional Hot Lather Machine


  • Perfect for professional barbers.
  • Value priced.
  • Electric hot soap machine.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Includes HC700 poly/cotton hair cloth with clip.
  • Occasional leakage of soap and water mixture.
  • Motor is not very long lasting.
  • Takes an hour to warm up.

Conair HOT Lather Cap Heating System, Model HLM5CS

Our impression

Hot lather promises to deliver a close and smooth shave but it is difficult to arrange for that unless you have a shaving cream warmer device in your home.

One of the best products in this category in the market right now is the Conair Hot Leather Cap Heating System which effectively succeeds in heating your shaving cream no matter what time it is and anywhere you want.

The Original Conair Hot Lather Cap Heating System HLM5CS is compatible for use with any sort of regular can of shaving cream, which may range from travel size to jumbo size.

All you need to do is just attach the lather cap over on top of a can of shaving cream and you are good to go.

You need to plug it in and in less than a minute, you will be able to enjoy a hot, beard busting and skin moistening lather which is highly useful if you want a comfortable and close shave.

Buy now >> The Original Conair HOT Lather Cap Heating System Here!


  • Handy and compact size.
  • Easy to use.
  • Switchable voltage.
  • Can be used anywhere in the world.
  • Moderately priced.
  • Pleasant smelling.
  • Can only be used with shaving creams.
  • Shave gels are not compatible.
  • Lather is not very hot.
  • Consistency of dispensed lather is not pleasant.

Campbell's Lather King Hot Lather Machine

Our impression

Have you always wanted an easy shave without any hassle?

Are you looking for a shaving cream dispenser that heats up your choice of cream or gel so that you experience a pleasurable shave instead of razor burns and irritation?

Then the Lather King Hot Lather Machine from the brand Campbell is the perfect choice for you. It not only makes shaving a whole lot easier but extremely comfortable as well.

The push button system of this unique device is able to understand whether you want an instant flow of thick, hot aerated and really wet lather.

Not only is this ideal for individuals for home use but it can also be used really well by serious shavers and barbers.

The body of this unit is durable and the universal motor is totally enclosed so that it receives the ideal protection from corrosion and dust.

You also get the benefit of using an extra large soap as well as Campbell’s famous stainless steel valve, both of which are included in the package.

Check current price >> Campbell's Lather King Hot Lather Machine


  • Made in the USA.
  • Completely enclosed universal motor.
  • Protection against harmful corrosion and rust.
  • Suitable for both serious shavers and barbers.
  • Not very durable build.
  • Does experience leakage after some time.
  • Product is very small.

Why you need a shaving cream warmer?

1. Because of sensitive skin: People with sensitive skin are prone to razor burns and in order to reduce the friction, it is best to invest in an electric razor for sensitive skin since it will not only lessen the amount of discomfort but will also add a more personal and comfortable touch to the entire shaving process.

2. Comfort& close shave: You get a lot of comfort when you use a shaving cream warmer since the warm lather on your skin reduces the burning sensations from the razor blade and at the same time, ensures that you are effectively able to remove all the minuscule facial hairs.

3. Because of irritation & razor burns: It is common for a lot of people to experience razor burns and irritation once they have completed shaving and this can be an extremely unpleasant feeling if it gets prolonged. In order to avoid this, it is best to use a shaving cream warmer that makes your skin feel smooth and supple once you are done with your shave.

4. Because of your business (barber shop): If you run a commercial business, then chances are that you will require a shaving cream warmer in order to provide customers with a new kind of shave – one that promises to be pleasant and comfortable without any sort of hassles. Plus, it is bound to be a big hit during the cold weather months.Plus, barber recommended razors are great for cold weather months.

What characteristics will you look when buying a shaving cream warmer?

  • Size: The size of a shaving cream warmer is extremely important since it must not be toobig or too little. Too small and you will find it hard to use it with a regular can of shaving gel and if it is too big then it is going to unnecessarily take up a lot of space and be a bit heavy to move around.
  • How much time take for warming or heating: Depending on the make and the model, the shaving cream warmer takes some time to heat up properly and it might be as much as an hour before you are able to use it properly. The less amount of time it takes to heat up the device, the handier you will find it.
  • Voltage adaptability: Voltage adaptability might not seem like a big deal but in the long run, you will find that it is extremely important since it means that you are able to use the device anywhere, anytime without any sort of hassle.
  • Price: Price is an important factor that plays a large role in the selection of the right shaving cream warmer. High price does not always mean quality product and in case of this category, it is observable that some of the lower priced products perform admirably well while a few of the highly priced ones tend to go bad after some time.
  • Noise level:Quieter is better when it comes to choosing a good quality shaving cream dispenser since the  higher the noise level, the more irritating you will find it to be, especially if you are using it for business in a barbershop.
  • Warranty: It is best to consider buying a product that comes with good warranty so that in case of any problems with the device, you can consider a replacement without having to spend your hard-earned money. Shaving cream warmers come with warranties of different kinds depending upon the brand and the model of the product.

How to use a shaving cream warmer?

  • Invest in a good shaving cream and make sure that the product you choose is compatible with that sort of shaving product. For example, do not buy a gel based shaving lather if the warmer supports only shaving creams.
  • Depending on the shaving cream warmer model you have, you will find a tool with the package that allows you to pop the top of a regular can of shaving cream.
  • You can attach either the foam nozzle or the gel nozzle based on your discretion.
  • Now it is time for you to adjust your heating preference so that you get a comfortable shave.
  • The warmer will intimate you when the gel or foam is ready to dispense. Usually an indicator light is present but some models might also make a light sound to alert you that the product is ready for use.

check out this video..........

Faq (frequently asked questions)

  • I use shaving gel with this warmer?

You should definitely make it a point to read the instructions stated in the package of the shaving gel warmer in order to find out whether or not the product is compatible for use with shaving gels.

Some appliances do not support shaving gels but creams so make sure you get the requirements right.

  • Does brand is an important fact for shaving cream warmer? Like Conair!

While brand does not really matter when it comes to picking the right shaving cream warmer, it does help that branded products feature a kind of assurance that you get what you are paying for and you do not have to worry about poor quality items.

It’s time to decide

There are numerous shaving cream warmers in the market available which aim to provide you with a good and comfortable shave.

However, choosing the best one can be a hassle if you do not understand your own requirements.

You will find that the Conair HLM10 meets most of your expectations and it is also moderately priced and you are sure to enjoy the smooth and wet shaving sensation.

Bottom line

Despite the presence of numerous brands involved in the manufacture of shaving cream warmers, it is a difficult task to choose the best one.

However, you should definitely understand your requirements and pick a product that meets your needs at a suitable price.

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