Long legs, short dress, dangle-drop earrings and a glitzy wallet – you looked the part that evening!

Ok rewind – the wallet was an umissable cherry, the earrings veritable pearls and your dress invited enough envy to roast the barbecue. But do your legs appear a little rough on zooming?

That’s because you thought any shaving cream would do. No, it won’t.

You need nothing less than the best shaving cream for women if you want your legs to be an even part of the composition in the next party’s pictures.

And you’ve landed the right place. In this article, I guide you though some of the most well-rated and reviewed shaving creams for women.

Here’s to your dancing legs!

Straight recommendation: Coochy body rashfree

Why women need shaving cream?

It has been declared. Women need shaving cream. We figured out the reasons:

Razor and water don’t make it: Water only makes sure skin and razor are not lonely. Lubrication is negligible and razor bumps are abundant.

Skin hydration is important: Female wet shaving can make skin very dry. A good shaving cream helps in re-hydration of skin.

Cream ends irritation: Most women feel irritation just with razors touching their skin. This can last all day. A good cream allows you to do away with shave irritation.

Razors glide better: A shaving cream allows the blades of the razor to move freely without any disturbances. It just goes well together.

What’s the difference between men’s and women’s shaving cream?

The texture, smell and lather – all might appear identical in men and women shaving creams.

And to some extent, even the basic composition of the creams is the same.

However, female skin is softer and more sensitive than male skin.

This makes the skin prone to damage from razors. Shaving creams for females pay specific attention to additional lubrication and moisturizing for skin.

Also, several manufacturers use “skin sensitivity technology“ in female shaving creams, which is not generally the case for men.

This also has a telling on the differential pricing between the two creams.

What characteristic you’ll look when buying a best shaving cream for women?

  • Does it have moisturizing formula? Irrespective of the skin type, women are almost always concerned by the kind of moisturizing that the cream provides. For shaving creams, it is important to look for a good moisturizing formula in the shaving cream so that you can avoid the dryness common with razor shaving. Moisturizing shaving creams for women are also implemental in preventing skin irritation.
  • Is it safe for all skin types? This is one consideration that you need to take seriously if you have sensitive skin. Even though most manufacturers now lay impetus on addressing skin sensitive skin, not all shaving creams are custom built for sensitive skin. You will have to browse closely through the ingredients to see if there is any paraben or drying alcohol.
  • Does it help to soften the most coarse body hair? Shaving some areas can be particularly difficult owing to the coarse hair type. This particularly applies for the bikini area. An effective shaving cream for tough hair will make sure that you do not have to deal with the usual itch and irritation of shaving coarse hair. Opt for a cream that softens such hair so that the razor can lift and cut.
  • Does it prevent razor bumps, in-grown hair, razor burn and irritation? One very common reason many women prefer waxing over wet shaving is because of razor bumps, irritation and ingrown hair. However, many do not realize that much of this can be countered with the help of a good shaving cream. If the cream can moisturize and lubricate the skin well, it will easily prevent you from irritation, ingrown hair and razor bumps.
  • Does it replenish dry skin? Shaving dry skin is difficult on almost every occasion. However, shaving creams designed for women look after this well. The priority then becomes to re-hydrate the skin before shaving.If you have dry skin, go for a re-hydrating shaving cream for women. These creams restore the natural moisture of the skin.
  • Is it free from harmful ingredient? Ingredients like glycerol, ethyl alcohol, parabens and at times eve glycerin are known to cause irritation. You should particularly avoid these if you have sensitive skin. Instead, go for shaving creams with natural ingredients only. Natural ingredients do not irritate skin and save you from those deadly rashes that are common with chemicals.

Our top 5 recommended shaving cream review for women

# Coochy body rashfree shave creme  

Our impression


The rashfree female shaving cream from Coochy comes in a bottle that looks like a high end moisturizer.

It has been specifically designed for the most sensitive areas of your body like the bikini area and the underarms.

Improved moisturizing is ensured with Vitamin B5 and jojoba oil. However, you do not get any irritation common to jojoba oil products.

The cream is completely free from sulphate and paraben, and includes natural ingredients only.

The singular greatness of the rashfree cream from Coochy is the manner in which it responds to sensitive skin.

There are special anti-inflammation elements in the cream that heavily guard against those embarrassing shave bumps that you always look to avoid.

The cream has been custom developed in the USA and does not undergo any procedure that requires animal testing.

If you want the best results, you should actually use it outside the shower.

This is among the few true dry female shaving products.

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  • Best for dry female shaving.
  • Very smooth feeling.
  • Lubricates thoroughly to prevent bumps.
  • Never tested on animals.
  • Custom developed in the USA.


  • Some fragrance would do well.
  • Pack does not last very long.

# Eos Shave Cream Pomegranate Raspberry, 7oz

Our impression

Eos Shave Cream

The Pomegranate Raspberry from eos is a shaving cream that has been built for a few straight causes.

It aims at creating smiles for women and when shaving and that is also precisely the motivation for EOS.

You may use on all ‘razorable’parts of the body, including those that are not really meant for shaving.

Even young girls in their early teens can use this shaving cream for their legs.

You should be a little cautious if you are looking for a shaving cream that produces a lot of foam.

This is not something that will create rich lather.

The good thing is despite this slight inconsistency, the feeling it leaves on your legs is really smooth and silky.

There is a distinct vanilla smell in the Pomegranate Raspberry cream, which is a little put-off actually.

We do not mean the cream smells bad; just that we expected a greater allegiance to raspberry.

Check price >> Eos Shave Cream


  • Works for women of all ages.
  • Does not take long to lather.
  • Extremely soft on skin.
  • Leaves a soft and silky feel.
  • Great vanilla smell.


  • Slightly misleading product description.
  • Not the best for wet shaving.

# IntiMD COOCHY PLUS Intimate Shave Cream Rash-Free

Our impression


The IntiMD COOCHYcomes formulated with 5 different moisturizing and anti-irritation formulas that are ideally suited for sensitive female skin.

There is a rich mix of agents and vitamins that positively influence intimate shaving sessions.

The inclusion of aloe vera, avocado oil, maca root and jojoba oil make this one of the top creams for sensitive skin.

The addition of special agents and moisturizing elements make this a very trusted cream.

The IntiMD COOCHY suits all skin types.

You will find this cream soft irrespective of the skin type you have.

The formulation has been done in a way that it suits the most intimate parts of the body as well as the limbs.

You may use it both for legs and the bikini area.

If you are using to use it for the nether region, make sure you choose one among the good razors for the bikini area. That will help further soften the experience.

Best deal I found on the IntiMd Coochy Plus


  • Guards intimate areas against irritation.
  • Made with jojoba oil and Shea butter.
  • Prevents razor bumps.
  • Works well on ingrown hair.
  • Vitamin-rich agents.


  • Fair share of rashes.
  • Needs good cream for bikini area.

# Skintimate Skin Therapy Moisturizing Shave Cream for Women

Our impression

Skintimate Skin

The Skin Therapy from Skintimate comes with ivory lather infusion and a special formulation that helps in replenishing the natural moisture of the body.

This is where the Skintimate cream is slightly different from other shaving creams for women we reviewed.

It helps a great deal in overall moisturizing of the skin as well.

There is a combination of emollients and lubricants that work together to lubricate the skin with Vitamin E and glycerin.

The major deal with the Skin Therapy is that you get 12 cans of cream at the same price.

And since, the shelf life is great, you may actually use it for more than a year.

You will like the pleasant smell of the cream when shaving.

It also distracts you if you have a fear of blades.

However, the smell is not too strong to overpower other smells. And it does not last long to cause any sort of irritation.

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  • Pleasant and short-lived smell.
  • Pack of 12 cans lasts a year.
  • Small amount covers large areas.
  • Leaves silky smooth feeling.
  • Promotes smoother glides.


  • Rust stains common in shower.
  • Not suited for drier skin.

# Cremo Cream Lady The Astonishingly Superior Shave Cream

Our impression

Cremo Cream Lady

The Cremo Cream shaving cream is perhaps the slickest shaving cream you will find for females.

The water active molecules of the cream hydrate your skin and protect against skin irritation.

The cream also helps you get the closest and the longest lasting shaves that you have ever had.

The resultant effect on the skin remains completely soft and free of any irritation.

It is this feeling of smoothness that we like best about the Cremo Cream.

The tube of the cream is concentrated highly and has the potential to outlast many foams and gels together.

The cream has been made in the USA and is a healthier option compared to cheaper Chinese alternatives.

And since the cream is not foamy, there is very less air that acts as the lubricant here.

So you do not get those constant little nicks and cuts that are so common when shaving with foam.

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  • Relief from cuts and nicks.
  • Very slick texture.
  • Does not depend on air hydration.
  • Water activated lubrication.
  • Smooth and soft effect in skin.


  • Beginners fins difficult to adapt.
  • Contains parabens.
  • Slightly overpowering smell.


What makes the coochy body rashfree shave cream a better choice than the rest?

The Coochyrash free cream is the best in the lot by some distance.

It does the job smoothly and ever complains when there is more action required on job.

It is the best you will ever find from dry shaving.

The smooth feeling it leaves on the skin is never dependent on the amount of water you add.

It has been custom developed in the USA and comes with a seal of true quality.

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Bottom line

Shaving cream for women is an indispensable addition to razor shaving. Go for something that has the best lubrication for sensitive skin.

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