I recommend you get the best shaving cream for sensitive skin even without reading the next line.

Why? Because you will never use a shaving cream for the second time if it:

  • makes a meat cleaver out of your razor
  • aggravates skin sensitivity
  • smells like a horror movie set in an abandoned chemical research facility

Let me tell about a personal struggle here. I used to dream about shaving in my preteens.

But well into the third month of full-time shaving, I discovered I had irreversible sensitive skin. From there, to now, this is the only assurance I can give you:

Sensitive skin is not irreversible.

If you find a good shaving cream for sensitive skin, it will not only make shaves smoother and less painful. It will also repair your skin in time. Here are reviews of products that can do it for you.

Straight recommendation: Neutrogena Men

Our top 5 recommended shaving cream reviews

# Neutrogena Men Sensitive Skin Shave Cream, 5.1 Ounce

Our impression


The Neutrogena Men shave skin for sensitive skin comes with a formula that has been specially designed to soothe and calm the skin.

It is also one of the best shaving creams for lubrication.

You get comfortable, close and sensitive shaves that are great for the skin in general.

It helps your preserve a healthy look overall.

Experts recommend using the cream daily as it moisturizes the skin besides protecting it from any shade of irritation.

You cannot miss the cleanliness with which the cream rinses off your face.

Once you are done with the shave, all you need to do is wash it water.

Any remaining cream will rinse off neatly. And yes, it does not clog your wash basin as well.

It has a positive action on the pores of your skin too.

It exfoliates lightly and does not clog the pores of the skin.

The chief ingredients include plamitic acid, methyl gluceth20 and water.

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  • Custom built for soothing skin.
  • Does not clog skin pores.
  • Massages the skin gently.
  • Rinses easily with water.
  • Clear, see-through cream facilitates easy shaving.


  • Thinner membrane on face.
  • Required in generous quantities.
  • Could call for multiple passes.

# Taylor of Old Bond Street Jermyn Street Luxury Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin, 5.3-Ounce

Our impression

Taylor of Old Bond Street

The luxurious Jermyn Street from Taylor of Old Bond Street is classic English which we could not help including in our list.

It comes with only a light fragrance that you would only notice if you are a fan of Taylor of Old Bond Street.

The tub comes with 5.3 ounces of shaving cream.

You may you use it with a brush. Like other shaving creams from the brand, this one does a fine job of lubrication and lathering.

You are best off using a small bowl and making lather the old way with this shaving cream.

This way, you will also be able to produce more lather.

The cream lubricates skin all the better if you can lather it up with a bowl.

The product is essentially plant based and is largely free from cruelty.

If you feel the Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandal wood is too strong fragrance, this could the right speed for you.

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  • Very light fragrance, barely noticeable.
  • Can be applied with a bowl.
  • Lathers up well.
  • Suits sensitivities of various skin types.


  • Slightly more expensive than others.
  • Low performance post-shave.
  • Some sensitivity issue may still persist.

# Proraso Shaving Cream, Sensitive Skin, 5.2 oz 

Our impression


The Proraso shave cream is for sensitive skin and the company makes no bones about that upfront.

It helps prepare the kind of lather that saves your skin from razor bumps.

It guarantees those close shaves without giving you the horror of those razor bumps.

Inside the cream, there are extracts of green tea and oatmeal that work to protect sensitive and inflamed skin.

The straight benefit of using the Proraso is that it softens skin just before the shave.

This saves you from much of the irritation.

All you need to do to use the Proraso is take out a dime of the cream and add water to it.

You may also use the traditional bowl and brush method to work up dense lather.

If needed, you may add a few extra drops of water to get an even richer lather.

Once done, spread this lather over the damp skin of your face.

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  • Works well for sensitive skin.
  • Lathers up richly.
  • Easy use procedure.
  • Does not need additional warming.
  • Protects against leather bumps.
  • Tea tree extracts.


  • Needs significant investment of time.
  • Could dry fast with less water content.

# Gillette Foamy Shave Cream for Sensitive Skin, 11 oz. Bottle (Pack of 12)

Our impression


The Foamy Shave from Gillette gives you those truly smooth shaves that you always wanted but never landed up with.

The cream comes with a formula rich on aloe.

And that is what makes it one of the best shaving creams for sensitive skin.

There are some special lubricants in the cream that help in protecting sensitive skin.

These lubricants also make sure that the razor blades never get stuck midway to cause those painful burns.

The lather texture on the Foamy Shave is also one to savor.

It is creamy, rich and extra-thick.

The light fragrance gives you a cheerful feel all day long.

But if you do not want it that way, you may simply wash the face after shave to remove fragrance.

The lubricating action of the Gillette Foamy Shave will make sure you have a soft and smooth feel on the face even after washing the face.

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  • Soft and smooth feel hours after shave.
  • Aloe based formula.
  • Does not react with sensitivities.
  • Causes zero razor burns.
  • Lubricates skin for better performance.


  • Standard quality control issues.
  • Lather texture may not please purists.

# NIVEA MEN Sensitive Shaving Cream, 3.5 oz Tube

Our impression


We expect something special every time Nivea rolls out a product for men.

The NIVEA MEN shaving cream for sensitive skin is among those special products.

It has been specially designed for men who have sensitive skin.

It softens the beard so that you always land up a comfortable and close shave without any scarring.

It also helps protects the skin from any irritations that may be cause from shaving.

The formulation of the NIVEA MEN is such that there is no use of drying alcohols in it.

It is generally the alcohol included in shaving creams that causes the irritation that we all try to avoid.

And to go for it, the NIVEA MEN shaving cream for sensitive skin also has a few awards to its name.

So do we call it the best shaving for sensitive skin?

Not really. It misses out because there are other non-famous brands that do just as well fir a fraction of the cost.

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  • Great lather for comfortable shaves.
  • Lightly scented for refreshment.
  • Does not cause skin sensitivity issues.
  • Takes very less time to lather up.
  • Does not contain drying alcohol.


  • Tad too expensive than competition.
  • Large quantities required for rich lather.

Why you need a shaving cream for sensitive skin?

  • Because of acne problem: If you have an acne issue on the face, it could worsen with the use of razor blades. However, a shaving cream developed specially for sensitive skin can go a long way in reducing any burn that may be caused when razor blades come in contact with acne. So if you have acne, it is always safer to go for a sensitive skin shaving cream.
  • If you want to avoid skin dryness: Most shaving creams have used drying alcohol as an ingredient. It dries the skin and causes a de-moisturized feel you might be used to. But creams for sensitive skin consciously avoid drying alcohol. This along with added lubricants makes sure that you do not have that usual dry feel after shaving. A sensitive skin cream will leave a soft and smooth feel on the face and neck.
  • To recover from razor burn, razor bumps, ingrown hairs: All three – razor burns, razor bumps and ingrown hair make your skin sensitive to shaving. The presence of even one of these would require you to be extremely careful with shaving. An easy way out is to choose a cream that has been designed to prevent razor bumps, burns and act well on ingrown hair.
  • Helps to get precise shaving: On most occasions, shaving creams for sensitive skin are loaded with extra lubricants. These lubricants facilitate even better glides for razor blades. This in turn promotes better shaving all through. The shaving cream would also soften the skin before shave, so that the possibility of the blade reacting with skin also alleviates.

What characteristics will you look when buying a shaving cream for sensitive skin?

  • Is it natural based formula? Most shaving creams that cause issues for sensitive skins are pretty rich on chemical content. These chemicals are known to cause skin irritation and scarring. When looking for something for sensitive skin, you should go for a shaving cream that is formulated with natural ingredients. Plant extracts like sunflower seeds and tea tree oil are known to smoothen skin.
  • Does it make you skin soft enough for a close shave? The basic purpose of lathering up the face before you shave is to soften the skin and make sure it does not get in the way of the razor glide. Sensitive skin shaving creams are formulated in a way that they double up the lather produced. This lather helps further softening the skin for the shave.
  • How well it does protect your skin from irritation and razor burn? If you have sensitive skin, you already know how painful razor bumps and the general irritation from shaving can be. Using a shaving cream for sensitive skin, you should be able to avoid both razor bumps ad general shaving irritation. Rate the performance of the cream on these factors before you invest in it.
  • Is it free from artificial color or any harmful ingredient? Much of the skin irritation from shaving that we know of is a result of artificial color and harmful ingredients. Some of these ingredients could be glycerin, petrochemicals or parabens. Even coloring agents could be detrimental to individual skin sensitivities. The cream you choose must be free from any such ingredient and coloring/odor agent.

What makes the neutrogena men sensitive skin shave cream a better choice than the rest?

The very fact that it has been built for sensitive skin, makes the Neutrogena Men edge past its competitors.

It does not clog the pores of the skin and reduces irritation greatly.

Unlike most other creams, you may use the Neutrogena men massage the skin gently.

The cream easily rinses off with some water.

The clear lather makes it easy for you keep a track of the shaving as well.

Bottom line

Sensitive skin requires customized shaving creams. You cannot afford to go wrong on this one. Make a calculated move.

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