You will love this one – when Gillette and Nickerson first developed a double-sided safety blade, Gillette promised one piece would last 20 shaves.

20 shaves for a blade in 1901!

Imagine what the best safety razor blade can do today.

And that’s not all – they are a lot cheaper too, with every big brand from Gillette to Feather tussling hard to go big on the graph.

How about this:

3.29 million Americans swear by the Gillette Venus at least 5 times a week in the female grooming segment alone.

The competition only grows fiercer in the male grooming section.

I combined features like sharpness, affordability, number of uses and material to chart a list of the top 5 safety razor blades in the market today.

Straight recommendation: Feather Double Edge Blades

What is the difference between safety razor blade and straight razor blade?

The essential difference between safety razor blades and blades for straight razors is in the number of sides that are essentially available for shaving.

Most straight razor blades are either single-edged or need to be broken into halves if they are double edges.

Blades for safety razors naturally last longer because you can use them on both the sides.

It is also notable that straight razor blades are more useful for barbershops since you find the superb straight razors there.

While both these blade types serve the same purpose, you cannot exchange them without exchanging the razors.

What characteristics will you look when buying a best safety razor blade?

  • How well the blades perform? Blade performance is key when choosing safety razor blades. Some blades perform exceedingly well with any type of razor and shaving gel. There are others that do not depend on these factors for performance. Look for the ones that perform irrespective of the razor and shaving gel they work with.
  • Is it comfortable enough while shaving? The blades are a little dependent on the shaving gel here. However, if the metal on the sides is finely ground, you will observe a noticeable difference in performance. The shaving comfort is also determined by the angle at which the blade meets the skin when you glide it down.
  • The quality of the material it is made of: Blades that are not made of stainless steel will naturally cause you more trouble. When blades are made of stainless steel, they do not only last longer, but are also more capable of producing better performance. At that, you get even better results if the blade is coated with platinum.
  • Is it suitable for any sort of safety razor? Safety razors require blades that have been specially designed for them. You cannot really use straight razor blades on safety razors because they are single-edged and safety razors need double-edged blades only.Not all blades are compatible with any model of safety razor. Keep this consideration handy while shopping blades.
  • Is it worth the price? The value for money of the blade is jointly determined by the number of shaves you get per side and the quality of shave that the blade produces. If these do not score up to your expectations, you may as well switch preferences. Also count the number of blades inside each pack and their cumulative value as well.

Our top 5 recommended safety razor blade reviews

# Personna Double Edge Razor Blades, 100 Count

Our impression


The Personna razor blades with double edges have been recently improved with glide coating to make tjem 25% sharper.

You get every blade wrapped individually.

The new dispenser carton makes it easy to collect one blade at a time.

You get shaves as close as those with new razors without having to give an arm and a leg in return.

However, you must be cautious with its use at the beginning.

It should not be waved against the grain right at the start.

For the first few days, all you need to do is shave twice with the grain and once from the side.

Within a week, the face and the blades adapt to one another.

The Personna blades are sharp and you should not try against the grain at least before a week.

However, they are not crazy sharp like Feather and are perfectly suited if you are learning to shave with modern safety razors.

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  • Cost friendly, high on performance.
  • Are not too sharp.
  • Shave closely with three passes.
  • Easy to dispense carton.
  • Individually wrapped blades.


  • Does not fir Merkur long handle.
  • Not too sharp.
  • Can take time to adapt.

# Merkur-Razor Double Edge Razor Blades

Our impression


The Double Edge blades from Merkur ship in packs of 10 and fit all double edge razors.

These are manufactured in Germany and combine all good attributes of good straight blades.

The orange cover blades are free from platinum while the ones that have a blue cover are platinum coated.

They will cost you a tad more.

However, there is no real difference in the shave quality and you get great performance on both.

Since the average price of each blade is higher than most other blades around, you would like to check out the number of shaves that you can achieve with these blades.

On an average, each blade should last you anywhere between 10 and 15 blades without any major loss in sharpness and taking both sides into consideration.

But you should ideally not exceed 5 shaves with each side.

And this is just the blade Merkur recommends for the Long Handle razor.

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  • Words well with any razor.
  • Long lasting blades, 5 shaves with each side.
  • Reduced adaptability time.
  • Plain and platinum coated variants available.


  • Slightly overpriced blades.
  • Not best for coarse or dense hair.

# Feather Double Edge Blades, 50 Count

Our impression


Each double edge blade from feather is platinum coated and you get 50 units with each pack.

These Japanese blades are among the best blades for safety razors and fit a variety of double edge razors.

The blade tendencies are very smooth, sharp and comfortable.

And that is a difficult combination that you do not find on other blades.

Feather does a fine job of blending smoothness and sharpness with these blades.

Each blade is individually wrapped so you do not hurt yourself while trying to catch one.

The disposal mechanism is also great. If you own something like a Merkur 180 Long Handle, these blades give you the best performance.

In fact, the performance peaks with any long handle razor for that matter.

These are also suited for those who have tough beard and sensitive skin.

Close shaves are achieved with minimum force and very less strain.

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  • Works great with long handle razors.
  • Uses very little force.
  • Individually wrapped blades, safe disposal mechanism.
  • Sharp and smooth simultaneously.


  • Carries load of glue.
  • Slightly more expensive.
  • Not too good with short handle razors.

# 100 Astra Superior Premium Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

Our impression

100 Astra

The Astra Superior double edge safety razor blades are among the better ones you will come across.

The first thing that will strike you about these blades is the low price for which you can obtain these blades.

Although you should not make more than two shaves with one end, there will be enough mileage to take it take the count to four.

The platinum coated blades pack performs even better.

If you have a coarse beard, you should definitely go for the platinum coated ones.

The glide quality with the Astra blades is not as great as that on Merkur or Feather.

However, it takes a little time to adapt to the face as well.

For a start, you should use more lather on the blades to make yourself comfortable.

You will slowly realize that the blades do not leave any irritation on the skin.

All and all, these blades are great hit for the price.

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  • Hugely impressive price point.
  • Genuine quality management; even with every blade.
  • Platinum coated ones last even longer.
  • Very comfortable shaves after a few uses.


  • May require several passes.
  • Takes more time to shave.
  • Needs more lather.

# VIKINGS BLADE Double Edge Safety Razor

Our impression


You get five blades included with the Double Edge from Vikings blade and the combination is a real effective one.

The metal used on the body of the razor is premium quality.

Even more impressive are the five unbranded, raw blades that come with the razor.

Each blade has a platinum coating like none other you have seen for safety razors so far.

The blade material is stainless steel, making it one of the sharpest razors around.

The blades are also great for use by females.

The razor holds the blades in a precision angle that do not scar the skin even when you are trying to apply greater pressure.

You should not be worried with the “unbranded” nature of the blades.

These are just as safe as other razor blades and you may even use the blades with your existing safety razor.

These blades are specially imported from Sweden.

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  • Platinum finish blades; steal for the offer.
  • Leaves a smooth finish on skin.
  • Fits other safety razors too.
  • Takes very little time to adapt.


  • Blades do not sell without the razor.
  • You do not know which company manufactures these blades.


  • How many shaves do you get from one blade?

It is really subjective to the material and the sharpness of the blade you are using.

Some blades are very sharp and it takes a long while before their sides go dull.

Other blades have medium sharpness become dull after a few uses.

If you are using Feather blades, you can rest assured the blades will last you a decent while.

You may even expect to get 4 shaves with each side, or a total of 8 shaves easily.

Stick to 2 shaves a side for most other blades.

  • How long should my razor blades last?

Your razor blades may last a really long while if they are made out from decent material.

The combination of stainless steel blades and platinum coating gives enhanced life expectancy to the blades.

However, there is a difference between the overall life of the blade and its service life.

Once the edges become dull, you cannot make much use of it.

However, you can still make a differenc with regular stropping.

What makes the feather double edge blades better choice than the rest?

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To start with, the Double edge razor blades from Feather are compatible with all models of razors.

You get elite performance with use of very little force.

The blades are wrapped with care and you will be literally amazed at how sharp and soft the shaves feel at the same time.

These make Feather blades the benchmark for every blade out there.

Bottom line

Double edge razor blades for safety razors need careful considerable before you invest in them. Make a sharply informed decision.

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