Do you enjoy skiing, or even watching it as sport?

Yes, same here!

That sheen on ice is a total turn-on for me. And I know you like it too.

But what if I asked you to ski on grass – dead yellow tropical grass?

Not a great thought right? In fact, an outright repulsive one!

Shaving without the best pre-shave oil is not very different from skiing on dead grass. Let’s see:

  • You are trying hard to negotiate with the unrelenting friction
  • You are gliding along the thinnest patches
  • You are risking an accident all the time

…all while trying not to lose your balance. Now that is some doing.

If you thought shaving with good pre-shave oil was only an add-on, you could not be more wrong.

Let’s build more on this as I tell you about the five best aftershaves available in the market today.

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Why is it necessary to use pre shave oil?

Pre shave oil helps in softening the beard and preparing the skin for the shave.

Once the beard is soft enough, it is easier for safety razor blades to cut through the beard.

Most good pre shave oils include chemicals like sunflower seed oil lavender oil.

These oils act as soothing elements that curb razor burn and alleviate chances of irritation.

For drier skin, a pre shave oil with castor or olive oils can generate long-lasting lubrication.

This prevents the skin from the rashes you experience due to dry skin after shaves.

Good pre shave oil will also guard the skin against the tingling sensation of alcohol based aftershaves.

What characteristic you’ll look when buying best pre shave oil?

  • How well does it soften the beard? The essential purpose of great pre shave oil is to soften the beard. Most brads use natural oils that settle at the roots of beard to make it soft from there. You should ideally be looking for these brands. This becomes all the more important if you have dense beard or easily irritable skin.
  • Does it stop itch and irritation? Sensitive skin starts itching at the sheer touch of a razor blade. However, good pre shave oil can guard against irritation by ensuring facilitating smooth razor glide and thorough lubrication. Also since the oil softens the beard, you will have to apply less force with the razor. So make sure you get something that combines all these factors and reduces itch and irritation while shaving.
  • Is it naturally formulated? Chemical ingredients are never helpful if you are looking for a product that suits sensitive skin. You should always go for one that has all natural ingredients. You will always get lesser irritation and rashes when you use a pre shave oil that has only natural ingredients in it. Half the job is done right there.
  • Does it well suit sensitive skin? The manner in which the pre shave oil works on sensitive skin defines a lot of its usability. Most people who opt for pre shave oils have sensitive skin. So there is really no point investing in pre-shave oil that does not support and suit sensitive skin. In fact, we have some products that have been specially built for sensitive skin.
  • Does it have cooling peppermint? Many pre-shave oils now come with cooling peppermint. This leaves a long-lasting fresh feeling on the skin. If you have perpetual irritation after shaving, the coolness of the peppermint can override the irritable feeling that comes out from shaving. However, some skin types may be allergic to peppermint and you should take this into consideration too.
  • How refreshing is the scent of it? You may feel the important scent in every shaving session is that of the aftershave. And thankfully, we got to review some brilliantly scented aftershaves too. But, starting things in the right mood is as important. And so we recommend you go for the pre-shave oil whose scent gives you the mood and energy to start right.
  • Does it help to repair skin? This is a cardinal consideration you cannot afford to ignore. Besides lubrication, you’re the oil must be able to repair or do away with aberrations in the skin. There are many dead cells that can be neutralized with oil so they do not become contributory to bumps during shaving. Hence, this should be atop your checklist as well.

Our top 5 recommended pre shave review

#Shave Secret Shaving Oil – The best shave ever!

Our impression


The SHAVE SECRET pre-shave oil adds a new dimension of comfort and smoothness to your shaves.

It is especially for you if you have dry skin.

It moisturizes dry skin very well and on most instances all you need is 3-5 drops of application before every shave.

It is that economical as oil.

You may choose to use it either inside or outside the shower.

The oil has been made in the USA and comes with a guarantee of quality.

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  • Smooth and lubricated shaves.
  • Greatly suits dry skin.
  • Only 3-5 drops are required for each shave.
  • In and out of shower use.
  • Economic value for money.


  • Has major compatibility issue with razors.
  • Not as useful for shaving as pre-shaving.

# Taconic Shave PREMIUM Organic Pre-Shave Oil

Our impression


The Taconic Shave comes across as some pre-shave oil that has a rich organic heritage behind it.

The company claims that the oil has been composed with some great organic oils and has been further enriched with Vitamin E.

So if you always felt your skin was running low on Vitamin E because of those sharp blades, this could be the right pre-shave oil for you.

The oil manages to extend comfortable and smooth lubrication throughout and even after the shaving experience.

The 2-ounce bottle comes with an in-built shaving pump.

The pump action is very simplistic and all you need to do is apply little pressure with fingers to get 3-4 drops of oil out.

This is also one of those castor-oil pre-shaves that are known to include fatty acids for their antibacterial properties.

The castor oil also helps in making a layer between your skin and the blades to avoid repeated blade contact with skin.

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  • Smooth, lubricating and soft feeling.
  • Makes a protective layer on skin.
  • Very economical.
  • Easy pump action.
  • Vitamin E rich castor oil.


  • May react with some shaving soaps.
  • Could have been a larger container.

# The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Oil, Sandalwood

Our impression

The Art of Shaving

The Art of Shaving pre-shave oil brings combined goodness of several factors to you.

It is perfectly capable of shedding you from harsh razor burns as it lubricates skin to aid in the glide.

It also protects against irritation.

You may use The Art of Shaving pre-shave oil irrespective of the beard type you have.

The oil also helps in softening the beard and in protecting against those occasional struck razors.

All you need to do is this – apply a little oil on your hands, massage them on the beard so that they get lifted.

The Art of Shaving pre-shave oil is an extension of the exquisite range of shaving essentials from the elite shave company.

The light sandalwood hue about the oil gets you into a nice, calm mood throughout the day.

The oil is completely free from dyes that are known to trouble skin.

You also do not get any of that alcohol that burns skin. This is where alcohol-free shaving begins.

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  • Essential sandalwood oil.
  • Lifts and moisturizes hair.
  • Prevents razor bumps and burns.
  • Lubricates razor glides.
  • Comes with included castor and olive oils.


  • Does not replace a shaving cream.
  • Sticky texture.
  • Very expensive oil.

# Best Pre-Shave Oil, Sandalwood

Our impression


The Sandalwood pre-shave oil comes with an excellent old-school smell and in many ways reminds you of those grandpa styled aftershave fragrances.

The Sandalwood pre-shave has been prepared carefully with a blend of seven natural oils.

Together, these oils give you the required comfort of shaving without any irritation.

If you have tough beard, this shaving oil is ideally suited for you.

The oil prepared the beard for shaves irrespective of how thick it is.

The main driving force for the Sandalwood pre-shave oil is the slickness that it manages to produce.

This same slickness allows the oil to make shaves supremely comfortable. Along with softening the bread, it also conditions your skin for the shave.

All you need is a few drops of this oil before every shaving session.

To make it simpler, you just need one pump-full of oil on your beard.

Massage thorough and then apply whatever cream or soap suits you. Wet-shaving will never the same again!

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  • Moisturizes and lubricates the skin.
  • Soften the thickest beards.
  • Very economic pack.
  • Just one pump-full before each shave.
  • Seven natural oils included.


  • Takes about a minute to settle in.
  • The fragrance is extremely muted.

# Premium Lubricating Pre-Shave Oil

Our impression

Premium Lubricating

The Premium pre-shave oil preps you up for a perfectly smooth shave.

It is pretty integral to daily wet-shave routines.

The oil helps you lock moisture in the face while shaving.

The oil is a product of the blend that has been created with mixing three oils of high quality.

A gentle massage with this oil will lock moisture between beards as well as on the skin.

This soothes facial skin and helps in preventing razir burn as well.

The Premium pre-shave oil is a classic case of convenience added to value.

The shape and size of the bottle make this bottle the perfect company for travel all along.

And the confidence of the company in the product is reflected in the lifetime guarantee that they are providing with it.

The luxury product from Shaveology has been handcrafted to give better shaving experiences all along.

The Pre-shaving oil is just the first step you take to exquisite shaving!

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  • Exquisite shaving experience.
  • Locks moisture between hairs.
  • Lubricates the skin well.
  • Prevents against razor burns.
  • Suitable for thicker beard.
  • Good for travel.


  • Very small bottle.
  • Slightly thicker consistency.
  • Does not protect beyond one pass.

What make the shave secret shaving oil- the best shaver ever! a better choice than the rest?

Best deal – Shave Secret Shaving Oil On

The Shave Secret sits atop all competition due to some neat skills.

It gives you smooth and unhindered shaving experience and is heavily suite for drier skin types.

You just need to go with 3-5 drops of the oil each time and you may use it in the shower as well. It is pretty economic and returns you good value for money.

Bottom line

Buying a pre-shave oil is all about ensuring added lubrication before shaves. Do not make a slippery decision in a hurry.

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