What if I say your beard is political?

Okay, you get to decide the Demo or Repub bit.

Fine, let me cut the chase – shaving or politics, aggression is the way through anything that’s dense.

And when you speak aggressive shaving, you speak nothing less than the best open comb razor.

Open comb razors are designed for grooming men with dense beards and minimum frills. If that’s somebody you are or someone you want to be, this piece of pie is for you.

Now finding a good open comb razor that is hard on beard and soft on skin is akin to skinning each tooth of a comb. That is why I take you along when I talk about the five most reliable open comb razors.

Straight recommendation: Muhle Open Comb Double Edge

What is the difference between open comb and close comb razor?

Open comb vs closed comb

The open-comb design of safety razor heads come with comb or “teeth” that are meant to comb hair as the head goes through them.

This makes the heads very aggressive in the first place.

They are meant to tackle denser beard.

While performance on sensitive skin has not been great over the years, new open comb designs are doing well as safety razors for sensitive skin.

Closed comb deigns have been built for gentler shaves and better protection against cuts and nicks.

The safety bar creates a space between the skin and the blade.

Some compromise needs to be done with the closeness of shaves.

Our top 5 recommended open comb razor reviews

# Muhle Open Comb Double Edge Safety Razor

Our impression

Muhle Open Comb razor

When you throw a first look at the Open Comb Muhle double edge razor, you almost instantly know this is gifting grade material.

Such is the packaging of the product.

Does that alone make it one of the best single blade razors?

Not really, there are other factors at work too.The case and the ribbon are both neatly done; enough to give you blushes at first sight.

Or is that really enough?

Yes, because the performance that follows is even more special. It is a savior for those who have battled ingrown hair for life.

The decisively open-comb frame of the Muhle makes it just the perfect razor for sensitive skin, without compromising an inch on shaving closeness.

It takes a little while to attain perfection with the technique.

But that is really the deal this razor sets up for you.

There is a precise technique that you will have to strike.

And once that is done, this can be the long horse you have always wanted.

You are all welcome, even if completely new to DE shaving.

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  • Stellar with ingrown hairs.
  • Does great with and against the grain.
  • Needs less lather and foam.
  • Ideal for DE shaving beginners.
  • Professional gift packaging.
  • Important to learn the technique first.
  • Not the best handle.

# Parker 24C -Three Piece OPEN COMB Double Edge Safety Razor

Our impression

Parker 24C

The 24C open comb Three Piece from Parker appears to be an elaborate model with detailed finishing at every curve.

You get those super-close shaves that you expect a brand like Parker.

What makes it different from other Parker razors though, is the durability of its sturdy brass frame.

The brass frame also generates much of that traction that this model is famous for.

You never miss out on the grip with the 4” long sure-grip handle that makes it one of the few safety razors with the best grip.

The Three Piece open comb also belongs to the category of heavy weight safety razors.

At 3.3 ounces, it gives you enough weight to take down the most difficult hair.

As a popular open comb straight razor, this gives you as much aggressiveness as you like.

Going just by the style and finish, you will feel that this one from Parker actually takes down some of the best Mekur safety razors.

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  • Impeccable finish and style on the razor.
  • Great deal of nuance in design.
  • Typically aggressive Parker.
  • 4-inch handle with sure-grip for wet hands.
  • Skin sensitivity is an issue.
  • Varying abrasives on the sides.

# Fatip Piccolo Double Edge Safety Razor

Our impression

Fatip Piccolo

The Fatip Piccolo represents the most basic of the barbershop open comb razors.

The short build is a distinct breakaway from some of modern aggressive safety razors.

But you will sparsely notice a dearth of aggression in the Piccolo.

Unlike the suave razors of the day, Fatip has chosen a nickel finish over chrome, another thing that makes it more of a barbershop razor.

The nickel plating on the razor actually helps it last longer.

The chrome finish is typically known to wear off after a few uses.

You can expect BBS shaves every time you start with the Fatip.

But it will not be possible if you are getting the blade alignment wrong.

This is a genuine concern as many have got the blade alignment terribly wrong.

Be careful when you tighten the screw.

The blade should not move along.

Once you get this small thing right, there is really no stopping after.

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  • Basic open comb design for added aggression.
  • Nickel plating lasts longer.
  • Barbershop grade shaves each time.
  • Ideal for average size hands.
  • Better with a bulldog handle.
  • Blade setting needs to be done very intricately.

# Muhle R41 Grande Open Comb Safety Razor

Our impression

Muhle R41

The fat and long open comb makes a comeback with the Muhle R41.

Like most modern razors, it has premium finish and style that make it a great gift.

If you have used the earlier model, you will notice how Muhle has used a wider and lower handle to streamline the center of gravity.

The razor is also chrome-plated, which adds to the shine of it. But like most other chrome finishes, it may come off after a while.

The 80 grams of steel in there make the Muhle R41 feel quite heavy in the hand.

The Muhle R41 has been custom-built for those who have denser and thicker beard.

If you have been disappointed with most safety razors for denser beard, this one here could be the deal for you.

It can be used just like an everyday razor. Or you may keep it aside for the military look Mondays.

That way the chrome will last longer too!

Best deal I found on the Muhle R41


  • Simple yet elegant design.
  • Chrome zamac finish on head.
  • Quite aggressive for every day shaves.
  • Tackles “Viking beard” with ease.
  • Deadly against ingrown hair.
  • Too aggressive for beginners.
  • Needs very sound operation technique.

# Parker 26C - Black Handle Three Piece OPEN COMB

Our impression

Parker 26C

Over the years, Parker has become synonymous with close shaves and suave looks.

With the 26C, parker takes you another inner layer of getlemanhood.

The extreme close shaves with the Parker 26Ccould well be counted as part of the military training module.

The sturdy brass frame of the razor is bound together with the deviously charming black finish that lingers in the mind longer after your morning shave.

Even when you hold it with wet hands, the 4” long grip gives you just the confidence you need from a great razor.

The design weight at 3.3 ounces and is among the heavier safety razors you will meet.

You will need to use very low pressure even for super-close shaves.

Those with dense beard can apply little more pressure to get exactly the same result.

The real pleasure is when months into use, you realize that the black handle has not faded even a tad.

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  • Suave finish with the black handle.
  • 3 ounce heavy, works with negligible pressure.
  • 4” long handle for surer, tighter grip.
  • Military shaves in less than 3 minutes.
  • Blade angle sets with difficulty.
  • Not the best open comb head.

What characteristics will you look when buying an open comb razor?

  • Does it provide close shave? Open comb razors are all about aggressive shaving. Unless you have the desired level of closeness with such a razor, there is no point running that risk of nicks. Choose a design that offers the perfect military shave at all times without compromise. This should apply even if you are using an average blade.
  • The weight of the razor should be well distributed: This is very important to achieve the desired traction and momentum on the razor. If the weight is low on the upper or lower body, inconsistencies may vary between less aggressive shaves and high chances of cuts. As a norm, you should be able to balance the razor laterally on a finger close to the head.
  • Ergonomic design: The handle and the ergonomics attached to it, is very important to note. The razor might take a while to get used to your hand. But you should be confident about the grip right from the get go. The ergonomic design will also help you grip the razor with wet hands without a hassle.
  • Does it works on sensitive skin: Aggressive razors do not display the best performance on sensitive skin and this is known for a fact. But, of late manufacturers have paid attention to this aspect. We now have safety razors for sensitive skin that are as aggressively open comb as they get. Find a one that gives you less reason to complain vis-à-vis skin sensitivity.
  • Ease to use: Open comb razors are generally easy to use given their aggressive stance and weight distribution. However, most of these razors face typical blade setting issues. The blade seems to be turning as you try and tighten the head. Make sure this is not the issue with the razor you are watching right now.
  • Is it cost worthy? As you would expect, the open comb variants are slightly pricier than other safety razors. But there are still a lot of good deals out there. In case you are paying in full for a model, be doubly sure of its effectiveness before investing. The cost effectiveness is all that counts a few months into use.

What makes the muhle open comb double edge safety razor better choice than the rest?

The R42 Muhle is the best among the open combs for a simple reason – it best serves the purpose of an aggressive razor.

The performance against ingrown hair is incomparable.

While you will never need to use it reverse way, it does surprisingly well against the grain.

The technique is not that difficult either and it can be used by beginners.

Bottom line

Open comb DE shaving is unachievable without the right razor. We hope our support will help you do well with the selection.

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