There’s nothing worse than unwanted hair, whether it is on your face, your legs, your arms or … take a deep breath … your back!

When summer comes you want to be looking your best for the ladies (or yourself) and hitting the beach with a rug on your top half isn’t exactly what we’d call a “good look”.

The problem is, back hair isn’t exactly easy to get rid of! You could wax it, but that’s going to be extremely painful.

You could get laser hair removal, but that’s a long and expensive process that you probably don’t have the time or the budget for.

OR, you could simply spend a couple of dollars and invest in a good, sharp clean shaver.

The choice is yours, but if you decide on the latter, here are some great tips for choosing the best men’s back shaver:

If you are in a hurry! Check out our straight recommendation: Mangroomer Ultimate Pro

Top 7 back shaver comparison chart

Image.........Name & BrandElectric or ManualProduct DimensionRating & Review
Mangroomer Ultimate ProMangroomer
Electric11 x 3 x 2 inches4.5 by
baKblades BigmouthBaKblades
Bigmouth Do-It-Yourself

Manual14 x 2 x 4.5 inches4.7 by
RazorbaRazorba Back Hair ShaverManual15.5 x 1.2 x 5.2 inches4.4 by
Mangroomer Mangroomer Do-It-Yourself Electric9.2 x 1.5 x 2 inches 4.2 by
Mangroomer 211-6  Mangroomer
211-6 Professional 
Electric9.2 x 1.5 x 2 inches4.3 by
EvolveEvolve Body RazorManual16 x 3 x 4 inches4.4 by
Bro ShaverBro Back Hair ShaverManual20 x 2.8 x 5.2 inches5 by

Electric or manual back shaver! which one is best for back shaving?

There are two types of back shavers electric and manual. Electronic back shaver is fast and gives a comfortable shave. When you are using electric back shaver, it doesn’t require pre-shave oil, shaving cream and after shave lotion. So, an electric back shaver is cost friendly and offer easy back shave. Electric shaver requires battery or electricity, and it can’t provide much closer shave.

While on the other hand, manual back shaver provides closer shave as compare to electric back shaver. Manual back shaver requires more effort to give you a smooth shave. When you are using manual back shaver, it needs pre-shave oil, shaving cream and after shave lotion.

Our top 5 recommended back shaver reviews 2017

1. Mangroomer Ultimate Pro – Most popular electric back shaver

Our impression

Mangroomer has introduced a new and powerful back shaver for men in the form of the Ultimate Pro Back Shaver that comes with numerous features for a smoother and easier shave.

This product was designed and manufactured after more than ten years of development and research.

The advanced specifications of the device include two interchangeable attachment shaving heads, each containing shock absorber multi-functional flex necks, a long extendable ergonomic rubberized handle, a power hinges easy push lock for different shaving angles and the unique Power Burst mode.

The device is extremely advanced and comfortable to use. It ensures that you get a smooth and clean back without any pain or irritation.

You do not have to worry about razor burns anymore from now on thanks to this product.

You need to charge the device for regular use and there is an advanced quick charge battery present that provides you with the chance to recharge easily and fast. (Full Review)


  • Reaches all areas of back.
  • Extra coarse and thick hair can be shaved easily with Power Burst mode.
  • Two interchangeable attachment shaving heads.
  • Shock absorbent multi functional flex necks.
  • Noise is too loud.
  • Does not shave too close.
  • Position of power button is problematic.


2. baKblade's "BIGMOUTH" Do-It-Yourself - Best manual back shaver

Our impression

baKBlade is known for coming up with high-performance grooming products for men and the Bigmouth Do It Yourself Back Hair Shaver is no exception.

As the name suggests, it is targeted towards men who are fed up with hairy backs and want a cleaner, more presentable appearance.

The product is perfect for removing hair from the arms, upper and lower back sections as well as the shoulders.

All you need to do is just hold the baKBlade back shaver with the teeth facing towards your skin and then just drag it lightly over the unwanted hair.

You will feel no discomfort at all when you use this product and the best part is that it looks similar to a regular back scratching tool. You will experience a pleasant sensation upon use which is a nice touch on the part of the manufacturer.

baKBlade recommends that you use a mirror while shaving to ensure that every bit of unwanted hair is removed from the body.


  • Unique design.
  • Safety blade reduces risk of cutting.
  • Lightweight.
  • No shaving cream required.
  • Provides good performance in hard to reach areas.
  • Blade does not last very long.
  • Careful handling.
  • May cause discomfort to sensitive skin.


3. Razorba - Cheap but effective

Our impression

The Razorba back hair shaver comes equipped with a patented handle wand that is capable of holding the razor of your choice.

It has been ergonomically designed and is targeted towards men who wish to rid themselves of unwanted hair on the back.

You can shave at your convenience using the product and it works with all standard razors.

You can quickly insert and remove razors from this tool and it comes in handy.

In order to use the Razorba back hair remover, all your need to do is apply the shaving cream to the razor and then begin shaving.

You will notice the beneficial effects almost immediately – not only do you get convenient and easy back hair shaving but it is also very fast and saves you a lot of embarrassment without having to undergo any sort of pain.

The Razorba is so effective that it has won a number of awards and is well received by consumers.


  • One time purchase.
  • Low cost.
  • Easy to use.
  • Painless.
  • Proven shaving quality.
  • No batteries required.
  • Patented design.
  • Razor not included in pack.
  • Grip is poor.
  • Not easy to put in the razor.


4. Mamgroomer Do-It-Yourself - Another great option for back shaving

Our impression

The Do It Yourself Electric Back Shaver from Mangroomer is one of the finest devices available in the market right now for men which allow you to remove all the hair from your back, leaving it smooth and soft.

This device is one of a kind and comes with a large 1.5-inch blade which enables you to shave off the larger hair sections on your back easily without any sort of hassle.

In terms of design, the Mangroomer excels above its competition mainly due to the fact that the product is capable of delivering highly close and smooth results minus the potential of ingrown hairs which are mainly the result of foil shavers and straight edge devices.

The Mangroomer Do It Yourself Electric Back Shaver has a unique ergonomic design that comes it easy to use and it can move an astounding 135 degrees so that you become capable of reaching all the areas on your back from different angles and with relative ease.


  • Unique patented design.
  • Ideal for men of all shapes and sizes.
  • Allows you to shave back from various angles.
  • Sleek, lightweight and compact design.
  • Extra wide blade.
  • Problematic to shave hair from lower back.
  • Build quality is not good.
  • May leave scratches on your back.


5. Mangroomer Sku 211-6 Professional - Advanced electric back shaver

Our impression

The Sku 211-6 Professional Do It Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver is one of the latest and most advanced back shavers for men available in the market right now and it allows men to easily and quickly get rid of their back hair.

It comes equipped with a professional handle that is capable of extending and locking at any length of your convenience and you can enjoy full control of the product by operating the professional lock button located on the handle to get custom lengths for the perfect shave.

The entire maximum length of the shaver is more than 2 feet when entirely extended and it permits you to reach even the hardest to reach spots on the lower and middle sections of the back.

This product comes with a rechargeable new battery for the purpose of quick charging. The shaver has a 100% non-rubberized grip handle and it provides greater control to every shaving angle.


  • Extendable and adjustable handle.
  • You can choose the length.
  • Professional lock button on the handle.
  • Rechargeable battery power.
  • Professional premium blade design.
  • Charger is not of good quality.
  • Hair buildup is difficult.
  • No close shave.
  • Angle keeps changing.

What characteristics will you look when buying a back shaver?

If you are going to buy a back shaver, you should consider following attributes that define best back shaver:

  • Long Handle: A back shaver with longer handle will help you to remove back hairs without getting the assistance of another person. It will also save energy and provide good grip that will lead to closer and smoother shave.
  • Adjustability: There are some areas on our back that are difficult to reach by yourself. So, a good back shaver should easily adjustable so that you will able to remove hairs easily from those areas. A good shaver should able to give performance toward the end of the spine, the lower side of back and area between the shoulders.
  • The effectiveness of blade angle: If you want to get a wet shave, you should choose the best men’s back shaver that has high-quality waterproofing capability. Many sellers claim 100% waterproofing don’t rely on the statements of vendors. First of all, you should read the reviews of the back shaver and then choose best one.
  • Waterproofing: Razor burns and irritation are two extremely problematic outcomes of shaving your back with a razor and though it does not happen often, it does cause a lot of inconveniences. Thus, you should always make it a point to choose a back hair shaver for men that makes the whole shaving experience more comfortable.
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance: There are a lot of back shaver that requires separate cleaning which is a time-consuming task. A good back shaver should clean up easily without much wastage of time. Many products have quick cleaning buttons. You just need to press the button for cleaning it.

 How to shave back hair by yourself?

Hope this video will give you a clear idea about back shaving.

Step 1: If you are going to shave your back, you should make sure that you can see the entire area of your body. You should use a large mirror and try an appropriate angle so that you can easily see your back. You should use two mirrors one front mirror and one back mirror that will help you to see your back easily. It will help you to know which area of back require more attention for hair removal.

Step 2: You should have a best men's back shaver with a large handle so that you can easily move your hand to remove back hairs and its size should be adjustable so that it can give better performance in all areas. First of all, if you are using manual back shaver, you should apply shaving cream on your back correctly to get a smooth shave.

Step 3: You should grasp the back shaver in your hand properly and start moving it on the entire part of your back. Continue this process until you get clean back.

Step 4: You should check result of the back shave in the mirror so that you can know all back is clear or not.

Faq (frequently asked questions)

  • Shaver or trimmer! The best choice for back hair removal

One of the reasons why a shaver is the better option compared to a trimmer, at least for back hair removal, is due to its ergonomic features and mobility.

In most cases, a trimmer offers a better shave but when it comes to the back, you need more precision and power and a shaver is capable of delivering the same.

When you use a shaver on your back, you do not need to worry about accidental nicks or cuts and you can clean off larger sections at one go.

  • Laser back hair removal, is it a good choice?

If you are tired of constantly having to deal with the hassle of waxing and shaving your back hair on a regular basis, then you should definitely consider laser hair removal as it permanently gets rid of all the unwanted hair on your back and you no longer have to deal with the embarrassment of taking off your shirt in public.

Laser settings for back hair removal can be customized as per the requirements and large sections can be cleaned in one sitting.

  • Back waxing vs. back shaving

When it comes to the dilemma between shaving and waxing, the former is always the better option for men due to the fact that it is more convenient and comfortable.

Waxing your back makes you look unnatural and moreover, it tends to hurt a lot.

If you do not want any kind of discomfort or pain, it is better to opt for shaving.

If you have sensitive skin, then you should definitely not opt for waxing since you might experience breakouts.

 Bottom line

There are many brands that compete for the title of the best back shaver for men but you should consider your choices and pick the right one as per your requirements if you wish to get the best value for money.

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