Shaving is an art, true.

But if you are from Japan, it is also a discipline.

And discipline is ingrained into each spec of metal that kisses a kamisori – the best Japanese straight razor.

The kamisoriis the ultimate swear-word for barbers from all traditions.

It keeps wet shaving as light and balanced as the fine Japanese method of Ninjitsu.

By simply holding a kamisori in the hand you can feel the deftness of its lines, the super-fine grinding at the edges and the grit of the metal. Every well-made Japanese straight razor has years of tradition riding on its back.

Shaving with a kamisori is a no-frills form that allows you to develop a technique of your own.

If you feel you are ready to champion technique and make sword-sharp shaves, here is a collection of reviews for some of my finest Japanese straight razors.

Straight recommandation: Feather SS Japanese

What characteristics will you look when buying a best japanese straight razor?

  • How exceptional is the shaving performance on offer? A Japanese straight razor completely depends on material and craftsmanship for performance. If the shaving performance is not close enough, you could definitely tell it is either or both that have gone wrong. Unless these factors combine in equal measures, you cannot experience the finest shaving with straight razor.
  • Its elegant craftsmanship: Like we told you, craftsmanship is one of the two major components of a Japanese straight. It is the tale of hundreds of years of Japanese craft. A brand like Feather could sell another thousand years just for that alignment. The more intricate the craftsmanship of the equipment, better are the results on performance. Elegance and Japanese straight razor have a courtship to savor.
  • How experienced the manufacturers are? The brand value is directly linked to the experience of the manufacturer. Some manufacturers have become esteemed heavyweights in the segment courtesy the fact that they have been in the business for long. The experience of the band is also reflected in the price they charge for the razors. You should ideally look for a combination of experience and cost-effectiveness here.
  • Value for money: Like for all products in the market, it is ultimately what you get in return for your money that matters with straight razors. Do not spend blindly on a Japanese straight razor. A high price does not always justify effectiveness. Read detailed reviews on performance, handling, care instructions and construction before investing.
  • Does it offer professional shaving? This is an important point of consideration for straight razors. Japanese straight razors are typical professional razors used by professional barbers. This is one reason the sharpness on the blade is so high. This should also be a cause of concern if you do not have great technique. The sharpness and technique combine to take the experience near to professional.
  • Ease of use: Straight razors are easy to use. Yet, there is so much technique that goes into them. This is where the better products stand out from the rest. The best Japanese straight razors are sharp as you like and are yet extremely simple with the operation.  For ones that are not, there are some easy ways of sharpening straight razors.

Our top 5 japanese straight razor

# Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor

Our impression

Feather SS

When the talk is about a straight razor, nothing beats simplicity.

The Feather SS is all about simple and easy shaving that gets as close as possible.

The resin handle is engineered superbly and offers excellent grip.

We do not really say this is the most innovative razor in the world. We just go as close to that as realistically possible!

The gum handle resists high temperatures. Even without that, this one belongs to the elite class just with its appearance.

But the features are no less pleasing either.

It is among the best shaving razors that have a replaceable blade.

Comfortable razor shaving just goes to another level with this one.

The stainless steel blade resists chemical impurities besides steel.

You can use any disinfectant to clean the handle and the steel.

The blade drops out with a simple pinch. You will have no hassles changing the blade ever. Feather artist blades are recommended.

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  • Very easy and convenient blade change action.
  • Stainless steel blade, heat resistant.
  • Neatly done aesthetics.
  • Easy water-rinse cleaning.
  • Disinfection with boiling or ethanol.


  • Barber use recommended.
  • Sharpness needs to be handled carefully.

# Iwasaki 50mm Straight Razor from Japan Woodworker

Our impression

Iwasaki 50mm

The 50mm Straight Iwasaki is among the few traditional Japanese razorsthat combine performance with cost effectiveness.

As you would guess already, the blade length is 50mm only. It does not matter if you have average or large hands. The overall length of 170mm fits well for both sizes and you hardly need to break a sweat while maneuvering the razor.

Unlike many other straight razor models that you will see, this one is simple comb design that you will find extremely easy to use.

You will particularly like the wooden box in which the razor ships.

The razor costs a tad more as it has been hand-made by Sigeyoshi Iwasaki.

The grinding on the blade is pretty fine and you will require minimum effort to shave with it.

We must admit the woodworker has shown expert craftsmanship with metal and made things seem super smooth all through the piece.

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  • Unique design for a straight razor.
  • Designer made razor by Sigeyoshi Iwasaki.
  • 50mm blade length for greater cleaning.
  • 170mm length for improved ergonomics.


  • Weight distribution issues.
  • Does not support all foams and gels.

# Feather DX Folding Pearl Handle Razor

Our impression

Feather DX Folding Pearl

The Folding Pearl Feather DX comes with a plastic handle that has been engineered to resist heat.

The body of the razor is made from sustainable stainless steel, which is known for its applied strength against rust and chemical.

There is special treatment of finishing material on the metal body.

The blade and the metal glides smoothly on the skin, in a way that you do not even notice.

In all, the finish of the razor is truly something you will appreciate.

And we do not really need to deliberate on how closely Feather blades shave.

The DX comes with great blades. And at that, if you are someone who does not really like to maintain blades as such, you will still like the DX blades.

You can always replace the blade with new ones when the blades are done for the day.

There are also a few options on blade replacement that you may choose among.

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  • Great balance and ergonomics.
  • Replaceable blades.
  • Variety of blade options.
  • Great finishing on metal body.
  • Glides smoothly on skin.
  • Completely heat resistant.


  • Could have included more wood for the price.
  • Slightly difficult operation for beginners.

# Feather SS Folding Handle Razor 

Our impression

Feather SS

The Folding Razor Feather SS surprises upfront with the resin handle.

It gives you just the grip and the feel that make shaves special even when the razor has not touched the face.

Feather claim this to be the most innovative piece of metal out there.

However, we can name at least two more Feather razors that are more innovative than this.

But this by no means suggests that this one is not an innovative razor.

What will qualify as a bit of a downside is that additional razor blades have not been included by the manufacturer.

The real difference is made with the Feather Artist Club blades which take performance a definitive few notches higher.

You will enjoy the way the blade maintains contact with the skin when gliding down at force.

But we would have liked it better if the manufacturer included some additional blades in the box.

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  • Great for daily shaving.
  • Artist club blades.
  • Fits any shavette type blade.
  • Ideal first straight razor for beginners.
  • Signature feather finish.


  • No extra blades with the pack.
  • Not for the “steel-weight” lovers.

# Feather DX Folding Wood Handle Razor

Our impression

Feather DX Folding Wood

The Folding Wood Feather DX razor starts by being one in the line of many Feather razors.

It is a fairly new model from the company, but there is no major breakaway from past models if you were expectingany.

The build is a fairly simple two-piece construction.

The wooden handle is somewhat resinated like most feather handles.

While it appears a little low on grip to start with, you will not feel any major problems with it once you get going.

A stainless steel body completes the second part of the body. The sus316 model used guards against chemicals and rust.

The finishing material treatment on the metal body gives away a feeling of intricate handiwork.

The blade grips the skin firmly when shaving, both with and against the grain. And it gels well if you team it up with some of the best shaving creams out there.

The only downside would be the price of it, which is slightly high for a new model.

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  • Professional grade razor.
  • Beautiful distribution of weight.
  • Exceptionally close shaves.
  • Easy maintenance after the shave.
  • Waterproof handle, stainless steel blade.


  • Ultra-sharpness may pose a difficulty.
  • Decent shave-technique is a must.

What makes the feather ss japanese straight razor a better choice than the rest?

The Feather SS is the king of Japanese straight razors and we say this with proof.

Attributes like the simple blade-change action and easy water cleaning far outweigh its competition.

And of course, you have the classic Feather design that balances the weight perfectly between your arm and the blade.

The black colored aesthetics and high heat resistance make it a great buy for the price.

Bottom line

Japanese straight razors are a hit for their masterful weight distribution and reliably sharp attitude. A little calculation and you have unmatched shaves!


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