You own the most winsome smile of the town!

You have real stars studded into your eyes.

You walk like an adolescent’s dream!

And yet, your legs leave the poetry incomplete.

It is easy to be depressed because your legs do not match the glitter of your eyes. And how desperately you want that to change!

That changes here – with the best electric shaver for legs. With that little device inside your purse, you can work hard on everything else about yourself.

For a good razor takes charge of the satin finish you always wanted for your legs.

Let me take you a little closer to buttery legs with reviews on some of the most meaningful electric shavers for legs.

Straight recommendation: Panasonic ES2207P

Our top 5 recommended electric leg shaver reviews

Butterfly Pro Shaver

Our impression

The Butterfly Pro Shaver has got a patented design which is fundamentally new as far as designs of shavers are concerned.

The design is proven effective in reaching the back of legs.

The shaver has a large eddying head with three rotary cutters sitting on it.

The shaver can give you a fast yet close shave of large surface area.

You will absolutely get no accidental nicks, burns or cuts during shaving with this electric shaver.

What’s more, you can easily clean it and rinse it without removing the heads in between shaves.

You can shave with this shaver for about one and a half hour at a stretch on a single charge.

However, if you are taking the shaver on a trip nearby, put it on charge for approximately 15 minutes to fully recharge it.

The product is ideal for both wet and dry leg shaving. However, do not use it in a shower.

There’s also an LED battery life indicator which turns red when there’s about 20% of charge left.

Grab the butterfly pro 

  • Unique design with great ergonomics.
  • Fast and close leg shaving.
  • No chances of accidental nicks.
  • Cleaning is quite easy.
  • Battery life indicator.
  • Battery is not long-lasting.
  • Shaver stopped working after a few uses in a number of cases.

Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator, White/Gray

Our impression

Philips HP6401 Satinelle is not really a shaver, it’s an epilator. It comes with a two-speed setting and a user-friendly grip.

Even if you are epilating for the first time, you can choose between gentle and efficient capping for removing hairs on your legs from their roots.

The epilator is built for the sensitive skin and you can easily get soft and smooth skin without getting accidental cuts, nicks and skin redness.

The epilator has a rounded shape, which makes it perfectly suitable for your palm.

The epilator which looks almost like a computer mouse can remove hair up to 0.5 mm with each stroke. It comes with a washable head and available in two colours – white and gray.

Not just for leg shaving, you can use the epilator for whole body hair removing and shaving.

Philips offers a two-year limited warranty on the product.

Just unpack it, place it on your legs and click to start shaving.

See 3000 + customer reviews

  • Removes hairs from root.
  • Slows downs hair re-growth.
  • Softens skin.
  • Prickles and stubs do not appear.
  • Quite cheap and easy to use.
  • Hurts during shaving.
  • Very time-consuming process.
  • Skin may irritate after use.

Panasonic Close Curves Electric Shaver

Our impression

The cordless Panasonic electric shaver offers great wet/dry convenience.

The shaver is completely suitable for use in showers and you can also use it for dry shaving whenever you wish.

Use it with or without foam, gel or soap.

The electric shaver has four heads and come with hypoallergenic superior quality stainless steel blades.

Panasonic Close Curves electric shaver is ideal for close shaving as it seamlessly glides along the body’s natural contours and perfectly shaves the underarms and legs.

The shaver is specially recommended for sensitive skins.

The easy-pivot head of the shaver can seamlessly adjust to the floating heads for giving you a comfortable and effortless shaving experience.

The product comes with a pop-up trimmer and a bikini trimmer, both of which are extremely useful for trimming hair while enjoying high-level precision.

If you travel a lot, you can take this shaver with you since it comes with an AC adapter/charger.

Check price >> Panasonic close curves

  • Ideal for bikini areas and underarms.
  • Shave is close but not too close (you won’t get razor burns).
  • Can be used both in and outside the shower.
  • The attachments are really great.
  • Shaver often misses masses of hairs.
  • Not really suitable for coarse leg hair.

Panasonic Close Curves ES2207P

Our impression

The Cordless Panasonic Close Curves razor is a fairly quiet and immersion-ready women’s razor that is washable and safe for use on any dry skin.

You can either use it for dry shaving or with your favourite gel or foam. It comes with three floating heads and hypoallergenic steel blades that are completely rust-free.

The product is especially suitable for dry and sensitive skin. It contours to the natural curves of your legs and gives you a close shave.

You get a super-cool pop-up trimmer when you buy a Panasonic Close Curves Women’s Electric Razor.

The trimmer is extremely good at shaving long and stray hairs. The ergonomically designed shaver can fit in your grips quite easily and you can gain superb shaving control while shaving with this electric shaver.

You can just place the trimmer under running tap water to clean it.

If you have itchy feet, you will find the travel pouch and the AC adapter even more appealing.

Best deal I found on Panasonic Es2207p

  • You can use the shaver for both dry and wet shaving.
  • Ideal for both trimming and shaving.
  • Does not cause accidental nicks.
  • Battery does not stay awake for too long.
  • Rinsing away gel can be tedious.
  • Less close shave than a manual razor.

Sunmy Spring Lady Body Leg Hair Shaver

Our impression

The Sunmy Spring cordless leg hair shaver is a high-performance shaving system that comes integrated with all the necessary features for a close and safe shave.

The shaver is highly effective in gently removing hair from the most sensitive areas and is designed for thorough shaving.

The shaver will actually leave your skin smooth and gentle for a couple of weeks.

The shaver can give you a painless shaving experience, while the process is also relatively less time-consuming.

The three-in-one blade design is as unique as it is efficient.

The Sunmy Spring electric cordless lady leg shaver is ideal for both dry and wet shaving.

It is extremely comfortable and lightweight. The product has got the revolutionary IPX-8 level water proof design.

It’s easy to hold and you will not feel tired after each use since the product is extremely lightweight.

Moreover, the product is rechargeable and quite easy to carry, which make it a travel-friendly leg shaver for women.

Get this beautiful leg shaver

  • Revolutionary IPX-8 level design.
  • Quite noiseless and lightweight.
  • Cleaning brush included.
  • Easy to use and carry.
  • Painless shaving experience guaranteed.
  • No stand comes with the kit.
  • Not suitable for close shave.
  • Charging light does not indicate whether the shaver is fully charged.

Electric or manual! which one is the best choice for your legs?

Whether you choose a manual shaver or an electric one determines your pre and post-shaving rituals to a great extent.

If you are using an electric shaver, you don’t need to lather up your legs before shaving. The blades of any electric razor are actually a lot safer than the edges of the manual ones.

However, electric razors are not as fast as their manual counterparts.

On the other hand, electric razors are specially designed for shaving sensitive areas and are considered suitable for sensitive skin.

If you are choosing electric razors over manual ones, be prepared to spend some extra time on leg shaving.

If it’s the other way around, you need to exercise extra caution since manual shaving tools are not for all and sundry.

You may read leg shaver reviews to take the right decision. Here are the top products reviewed for you.

Things to consider when buying an electric shaver for leg?

  • Foil or rotary shaver: Deciding on foil or rotary shaver can be tough. While a foil electric shaver comes with a number of blades covered under a rectangular thin mesh foil, a rotary shaver comes with 3-5 circular cutters. Foil shavers usually give a closer shave than rotary ones. On the other hand, rotary shavers cause less skin irritation due to the fact that only small hairs get to enter the cutting blades.
  • Size & design of the razor: All the top electric shavers for leg shaving are compactly designed. If you are buying a razor for leg shaving, you should choose one which is lightweight and has a sleek design. This is because women like to carry the makeup essentials with them and if you are no exception, you should go for the compactly designed leg shavers.
  • Does the razor have pop-up trimmer feature? Although most brands offer pop-up trimmers with their shavers, these pop-up trimmers not up to the standard. Pop-up trimmers are for outlining a mustache or beard. Therefore, you may not need it for leg shaving. However, if you also want to shave the bikini area with the shave, you can look for a product with a good pop-up trimmer for outlining public hair.
  • Is the razor waterproof? The biggest advantage of choosing a waterproof shaver is that you can shave your legs while in the shower and you don’t need to spend some time before or after shower for leg shaving. However, keep in mind that waterproof shavers are quite expensive and you may opt out buying a waterproof one if shaving after shower is a non-issue for you.

 How to shave your leg with an electric shaver?

We will discuss here both the dry shaving and wet shaving methods. First, the dry shaving method and then we will move on to the wet shaving method.

Dry shave

Step 1

Clean your legs with a soapy, warm cloth with an anti-dye soap. Now rinse the cloth off on the sinks and squeeze away the water. Rub the legs with the cloth. This is for softening the hairs.

Step 2

Now rub your legs with a dry cloth. Start rubbing from ankle and move upward.

Step 3

Turn on your shaver and shave one leg at a time, right from the ankle and upward.

Step 4

Apply a moisturizing and disinfecting lotion to your shaved legs.

Wet shave

Step 1

Go in a warm shower. Wipe your legs down with a soapy towel. Wash away the residues.

Step 2

Apply shaving gel or foam to one section of your one leg and turn on the shaver.

Step 3

Now start shaving upward against the hair growth direction. Add more gel or foam to other sections of your leg and repeat the process.

Step 4

Once you are done with shaving, wash your legs with clean water. Come out of your shower and pat your leg with a dry towel or something. Apply a moisturizing lotion.

How to prevent razor bumps on legs?

Start shaving your legs with a clean shaver.

Also, it is important to clean your skin before you shave.

If shaving against the hair growth direction causes skin irritation, shave in the direction of hair growth.

Use a moisturizing shaving gel or cream or oil and do not just use your regular soap or plain tap water for shaving.

In order to ward off bumps and burns, you also need to suppress your instinct and refrain from over-shaving.

Do not shave a specific section more than twice and keep the shaver strokes to the minimum.

On the top of it, do not forget softening your hairs with warm water before you shave.

Faq (frequently asked questions)

  • Wet or dry shave? Which one is the best to shave my legs? If you are using a standard shaver, wet shaving is highly recommended. Wet shaving involves using of water and gel, two things that can soften your hair to a great extent. If you are in a jiffy, you may dry shave your legs as it’s not always that harmful. Well, if you are using gel or water (wet shaving), you stand little chance to get razor bumps or accidental nicks. Wet shaving is safer and more comfortable. That said, dry shaving won’t cause too much harm either.
  • How to shave your leg when you have sensitive skin? You need to wet the skin up minutes before your shave. Using warm water for softening the hairs is always a good idea. Search for gels and foams which are specially meant for sensitive skin. Do not buy or apply a gel or foam that has alcohol or peppermint or artificial fragrances in it. These may cause skin burns and skin redness. One big benefit of choosing electric razors is that they cause less ingrown hairs compared to disposable ones. Therefore, you should read reviews to choose the right leg shaver for you.
  • Which types of cream is best for shaving legs? Do not just use the bar soap for shaving your legs as it may cause razor burns and bumps. Leading dermatologists agree that bar soaps are no good for lubricating skin before shaving. Using water-soluble creams is recommended. Moister sizing emollients help in softening the skin and are safe to use. Avoid creams that have purportedly alcohol or artificial fragrances in them. Also, do not use harsh lotions after shaving.

Wrap up

If you want to buy the best electric shaver for legs, you need to read user reviews to get started with the process. This is because user reviews reflect their honest opinions, something which you cannot find on articles and blogs spread over the internet.

In addition to that, you also need to know the basic mechanism of electric razors to get started.

Bottom line

Electric leg shavers widely vary in terms of features. However, not necessarily the most expensive model is the best one. Do your own research to find out the best products. Good luck!

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