Is that a UFO, a baseball or the moon that comes from a distance?

None silly!

It’s a perfectly shaven human head. And it’s been made possible because your fellow pedestrian spent hours digging the best electric shaver for head.

And that’s that – finding a great head shaver takes a lot of patience, research and time.

Lucky you, I just compiled a fresh list of products for the best electronic shavers for the head. For that, I looked for models that:

  • Can be used solo
  • Do not cause irritation
  • Are friendly toward the technologically uneducated

In this article I tell you about five of my personal favorites in head shavers. Each of these could be a great fit for your cells.

Straight recommendation:Bald Eagle Smart from Skull Shaver

Our top 5 recommended electric head shaver reviews

# Butterfly Pro 5h

Our impression

Butterfly Pro 5h

The Butterfly Pro 5h is all easy going – both with the product name and the function.

It is the jolly break you needed from the difficult naming conventions most companies use.

It comes with a select shopping advantage of $35 that you can procure with online shopping.

You get a nice smooth finish with the shaver.

It works for you for months at a stretch and never disappoints with that famous slick finish.

The Pro 5h is also as great a tool for the bikini area.

The head of the shaver is pretty large and gives you sufficient swirl and a choice between five and three rotary shavers.

However, the best attribute about the shavers is that you can easily have it cleaned, totally ignoring the complex features.

You do not even need to open up the heads for that.

It lasts you 90 minutes with every single charge.

On the downside, it requires 150 minutes to get fully charged.

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  • Select shopping advantage up to $35.
  • Three and five head options.
  • Also works on legs and bikini area.
  • Cleans easily even with the heads on.
  • Not the finest of skull shaver available.
  • Typical start problems in less than a week.

# Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart

Our impression

Eagle Smart

The Bald Eagle skull shaver makes no bones about its purpose right at the outset.

You will notice right at the outset that the shaver has been designed for the shape of the skull.

The ergonomics are conveniently suited to that you can just glide it down your skull even without having to stretch much.

The two heads of the shaver are decently sized and there come with five rotary shavers.

Together, they give you very close shaves.

The Bald Eagle smoothly runs for 90 minutes on each charge. This is pretty much one week of full operation, considering you shave once a day.

Also, it can be charged in under 150 minutes and you may have it fully charged during the night.

And we are not sure if a skull shaver could have looked any better than this.

Along with that, it offers you the convenience of choosing between wet and dry shaves.

This is not bathtub head shaver though.

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  • Classic bald eagle aesthetics.
  • Five cutters with rotary action.
  • Dry and wet shaving.
  • Good ergonomics, also reaches the back.
  • Unusually great customer service.
  • Cannot be used in bathtub and shower.
  • Slightly overpriced.
  • Amplified performance lasts five odd months.

# Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 Men's Electric Razor

Our impression

Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5

The ES-LV81-K Arc5 is already a multiple award winner. That tells you a little about its heritage.

The ultra-sharp hypoallergenic shaver blades have been honed with precision.

The 30° angle is especially suited for added traction and you get nothing but the best performance. Together, the angle and the sharpness make this one of the best and most comfortable shavers around.

You get almost 70,000 cuts every minute with Hyper Performance by Panasonic.

The five Arc5 blades work with Multi-FlexTM pivot action that allows the shaver to keep up with the shaving along the face, jaw and chin as well.

It will conform very gently to the facial contours to give you that perfect glide through the face in less time.

You will also find it very easy to clean and dry.

And this happens with a single-touch button that keeps your work short and pointed.

View on Amazon >> Panasonic ES-LV81-K Here!


  • Multi-FlexTM pivot action.
  • Included Pop-Up trimmer for sideburns and mustaches.
  • Works up to 70,000 cuts in a minute.
  • 30° precision-honed blades.
  • Great performance across facial contours.
  • Dry and wet shaving convenience.
  • More noisy than most Norelco series shavers.
  • Expensive consumables.
  • Quite expensive.

# Philips Norelco 1250X/46 Shaver 8100

Our impression

Philips Norelco 1250X46

With newly changed packaging, the Norelco 1250X/46 8100 is now a simpler and more standardized nomenclature.

If you are smart customer, you can easily relate to the change in packaging.

For online orders, you may receive the pack in any one of the two packs.

The Gyroflex 3D contour following mechanism has three distinct portions.

Each of these make the Norelco 1250X/46 8100 flex in the outward direction.

This allows it a better grip on the different contours of the face.

But you will also note that this Norelco was originally meant for the face and not the skull.

However, it does well to double up as a skull shaver.

All three tracks in the Norelco are meant for shaving and the Ultra rack feature generates up to 50% more traction on average.

This gives that unique dimension to the shaver that helps it cover and catch every hair.

It is also a wet/dry feature that comes with the Aquatec from Norelco.

Buy now >> Philips Norelco 1250X/46


  • Pop-Up trimmer for mustache and sideburns.
  • 3D Gyroflex system for facial contours.
  • Covers 50% more skin with each stroke.
  • Aquatec technology for wet gel use.
  • Confusion between old and new packaging.
  • Not the expected closeness of a Norelco.

# Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver with Clean and Charge Station

Our impression

Series 7 Wet & Dry

TheSeries 7 790cc from Braun has long established credentials as one of the best shavers for the face.

Along with that, you can also make it your personal skull shaver, with just a small change of mind.

That is as long as you are willing to test the water with it.

We just recently found out that the Intelligent Sonic Technology that focuses on dense hair is also something that just glides through the skull with equal ease.

There are several flat-lying hair on the head too, which can be easily captured with the ActiveLift Trimmer.

For regular head shaves, you can always depend on the OptiCut of the Braun.

You reap decent results even when trying to get closeness up to 0.5mm.

So you can even consider shaving the head twice depending on how fine you want it.

The synergy between the foil and the blades is something that can be savored for long.

Click to see pricing on Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Here!


  • Intelligent sonic technology for shaving denser areas.
  • Flat-lying hair capture with ActiveLift Trimmer.
  • Completely waterproof, can be used inside the shower.
  • Great synergized cutting action.
  • Noisy operation.
  • Not custom-made for skull shaving.
  • Unethical product description.

What characteristics will you look when buying an electric shaver for the head?

Things can go very wrong if you pick a maladroit shaver. But there are a few attributes that can make the decision easier for you.

  • Is it designed for extra reach of back? Head shavers do not serve any good purpose if they are not able to shave the entire region, including the back of the head. The handles on most back shavers are not long because they do not facilitate back shaving. But the shape must be such that you can shave the back of the neck.
  • Is it convenient for wet & dry shaving? If you are someone who shaves both wet and dry, this should matter to you. It is also important that you look for convenient wet and dry shaving if you are shaving under the shower. . Also, it matters whether or not you are shaving a wet head or shaving under the shower. A water-resistant shaver may not be completely waterproof. So you need tom watch out for that too.
  • Does it compatible with optional accessories? You must check this before adding an order. Many typical head shavers already come with a couple of additional heads for variable performance. Above and beyond that, you will have to vet the compatibility with third party accessories very closely. However, it does not matter that highly if you have already found your mojo with any one adjustment.
  • Ease of use: The ease of use is considered a very important facet in skull shaving. Unlike shaving the face, you cannot directly man the shaving of the skull. At that, it is important to have the assurance that the shaver is performing dutifully. But this should never interfere with the ease with which the shaver goes about its business.
  • Easy to clean: Most manufacturers identify how customers are increasingly bent toward the cleaning facility of the shavers. Unless the shaver is easy to clean, the joy could well last only a couple of shaves. For permanent efficacy, the shaver should be easily cleanable and preferably without having to open the head of the shaver. See if it can be cleaned under running water.
  • Cost effective: This is the universal applies-to-all kind of facet. It applies even more stringently to skull-shaving because most customers do it with their facial shavers. And since the investment in a good skull shaver is purely optional, you must be doubly sure of the value that comes with it. Read a lot of reviews and invest only if there is some personal advantage.

What makes the skull shaver bald eagle smart better choice than the rest?

Unlike many other shavers that were originally built for the face and only doubled up as skull shavers, the Bald Eagle has been custom built for shaving for the head.

It may occur to you that the device costs extra $20. But we tell that cost has been legitimately substantiated at every scale.

And the company is topping that with great customer service.

Bottom line

Buying a custom shaver for the head is serious business. And now that we have some serious products contending, there should not be much difficulty for you!

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