Modern living is all about recycling!

You lend a product from nature, make use of it, and pass it on to its next best utility.

The best disposable razor 2017 is all about making the most of this pace of life.

Imagine getting the cleanest of shaves in the meanest of times. For everyone pass of a safety razor, a disposable razor gives you three or four shots.

But the comfort scale can go either way with disposable razors – shaves can become smooth and silky. If you do not get the combination right, you have a day full of itching and irritation.

To make it smoother for you, I have reviewed the five best disposable razors you get to choose from. Watch for the ones that have special lubrication for additional glide!

Straight recommendation: Gillette Fusion Proglide

Our recommended top 5 disposable razor reviews

# Gillette Fusion Proglide Men’s Razor

Our impression

Gillette Fusion Proglide

Gillette has always been a brand to reckon with in the grooming industry and the company has always prided itself on innovation and excellence and this new product is no different.

This disposable razor is capable of responding to the contours of your face and thereby providing you with an extremely comfortable and close shave.

It is seen that these blades are preferred over others in the industry owing to their ease of use and the inclusion of a precision beard trimmer that allows you to edge in an accurate manner.

The blades used with this razor happen to be finer and thinner in nature and they even come with high-performance coating that provides low resistance so that you do not face any sort of hindrance when you cut through the hair.

There is almost zero tug when you shave your hair and the inclusion of the blade stabilizer is a great idea since it maintains the spacing of the razor blade at optimal levels for comfort.

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  • Ideally suited for people with sensitive skin.
  • Accurate edging thanks to the inclusion of precision trimmer.
  • Razor comes with five blades.
  • Accurately responds to the facial contours.
  • Razor head pivots a bit too much sometimes.
  • Trimming blade is extremely unwieldy.

# Gillette CustomPlus Pivot Men's Disposable Razors

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Gillette CustomPlus

Gillette has always been a pioneer when it comes to producing cost-effective yet good quality disposable razors for consumers and the company has garnered a formidable reputation in the industry for introducing new technology in its razors so that users find it more convenient.

This model from the brand is no different and these disposable razors come with extremely thin blades that promise to deliver a highly comfortable and close shave.

One of the best aspects of these razors is the fact that they come with a pivoting head which allows users to experience additional closeness while shaving and they can even glide over the contours of your face easily and remove hair from hard to reach spots.

Thanks to the inclusion of a soft and durable ultragrip handle, you are able to get a lot of control when you shave using the razor and this means that you will not feel discomfort in wielding the razor for extended periods of time.

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  • Storage is extremely easy thanks to resealable zip lock packaging.
  • Closer shave thanks to pivoting action head.
  • Razor glides across skin due to lubricating strip.
  • Does not last long.
  • Blades tend to go dull really fast.
  • Not suitable for people with sensitive skin.

# Schick Hydro 5 Disposable Razors for Men

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Schick Hydro

Schick has designed a unique disposable razor that is guaranteed to provide you with total satisfaction when you shave.

This razor for men comes with an innovative hydrating gel formula which cools your skin and does not cause any sort of irritation post-shaving.

The disposable razor comes equipped with blades that glide across your skin extremely smoothly and also possess skin guards.

The handle of this razor is designed in an ergonomic fashion which means that you will have no trouble using this product for an extended period of time.

Sometimes you will find it difficult to shave some parts of your face but when you use this razor, all you need to do is flip the trimmer and you will find it easier to get a clean shave in those sections.

There is a gentle hydrating effect when you use this razor and it feels extremely pleasant.

The handle of this razor comes with a soft rubber grip that is designed specially to provide you with optimal performance and control.

Schick Hydro 5 Disposable Razors for Men

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  • Ergonomic grip made of rubber.
  • Innovative hydrating gel mechanism.
  • Five blades with the ultra-glide setting.
  • Does not cause a lot of irritation.
  • Product is quite bulky.
  • Hydrating gel layer captures hair.
  • Difficult to clean.

# BIC Sensitive Single Blade Shaver

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Disposable razor manufacturers often forsake quality in order to keep the costs low and this affects the performance of the product in the long run.

However, this set of single blade shavers from BIC happens to be an amazing item that has proven its popularity in the industry.

Ideally suited for the purpose of shaving big areas, this razor is extremely efficient and handy and can easily be washed and rinsed off.

You will not face any issues with clogging since this razor is resistant to that problem.

This is a great razor for bald-headed men who wish to get the job done fast and easy without being worried constantly about shaving too close to the skin and causing irritation and razor burns afterward.

Though the quality of the razors is not the best in the industry, for the price you get your money’s worth and these razors are available in three sets of 12.

The single blade razors are packaged with protective plastic sleeves for the convenience of the customers.

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  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Does not clog easily.
  • Comes equipped with plastic sleeves for protection.
  • Gives close shave without irritation.
  • May result in ingrown hairs.
  • Users with sensitive skin may experience slight nicks.

# Gillette Fusion Disposable Razors for Men

Our impression

Gillette Fusion Disposable Razors

Gillette razors are known worldwide for their innovation and performance and so it comes as no surprise that this set of disposable razors from the brand would feature a lubricating strip along with an enhanced indicator to make the shaving experience more pleasurable for men.

The razor has been designed in such a way that it releases additional lubricants in order to give users a lot of glides, which makes shaving easier and faster.

The blades are dermatologically checked and there are five separate blades that have been positioned close to one another in order to offer a smooth and clean shave without any amount of discomfort.

This disposable razor boasts of a precision trimmer blade which is built directly into the back section of the cartridge.

You will face no difficulty when you use this razor to shave hair from tricky areas such as under your nose, the sideburns as well as regular hair from other parts of your face.

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  • Superior shaving technology with five blades.
  • Offers a comfortable yet close shave.
  • Tested by dermatologists.
  • Skin is stretched properly by flexible comfort guard.
  • Longevity of this razor is not much.
  • Gel strip is extremely flimsy.

Single or multi-blade disposable razor! which one is best for you?

Multi-blade disposable razors may be more convenient to use but that does not necessarily mean that they are the better than the most actionable single blade razor.

A lot of the times, multi-blade razors tend to cut underneath your skin, thereby causing a lot of damage to it and resulting in the hair growing in an inward direction.

This might lead to a bumpy texture for your skin and it completely ruins any smoothness.

However, a single blade disposable razor tends to cut right across the surface and thereby results in a smooth shave that does not cause any damage.

What characteristics will you look when buying a disposable razor?

  • Blade of the razor: The most integral part of any razor is its safety razor blade since that is what we use to shave with and so it is extremely important that you choose a disposable razor that comes with good quality blades. The thinner the blades are, the sharper they are bound to be and so they will provide you with a more efficient and close shaving experience.
  • Handle of the razor: Every disposable razor has a unique handle depending upon the brand and it is up to you to choose one that has a handle with a good grip and an ergonomic design. If you choose a flimsy handled razor, then chances are that you will feel a great deal of discomfort while shaving but when you use an ergonomically designed handle, you can use it for extended periods of time.
  • Space between the blade head & the handle: A sufficient amount of space between the head of the razor housing the sharp blades and the handle is a good idea not just for comfort during shaving but also owing to the fact that it will provide you with better glide and control at the time of shaving which means that you no longer have to worry about cutting yourself when you try to shave hard to reach areas of your face.
  • Moisturizing strip or cushion: There are loads of disposable razor brands that make it a point to include some sort of cushion or strip in the razor containing moisturizing gel so that when you begin to shave, you do not face any hindrance and the product can glide easily on your face, providing you with a smooth and clean shave.
  • Replacement blade availability: It is very important that you choose a disposable razor brand that allows you to replace the blades on the razor once they are worn out since this not only saves a lot of money but effort as well. The idea of replacing the blade heads is convenient and simple and you should have no trouble when you get a razor with easily available and replaceable heads.
  • Pivoting Head: You should always pick a disposable razor that comes equipped with a pivoting head since otherwise, you will encounter a lot of trouble shaving hard to reach areas of your face. The contours of your face make shaving rather difficult in certain sections but when you have a pivot head, then it is capable of easily conforming to the contours without any hassle, thereby allowing you to get a clean shave and remove the hair easily from sensitive parts.

It’s time to decide……………..

Many companies have attempted to design and manufacture the perfect disposable razor and the truth is that there are plenty of good quality products out in the market.

However, when you consider all the factors that constitute the best disposable razor, the Fusion Proglide Men's Razor from Gillette tops the list and is the closest to the best you can get.

Bottom line

Disposable razors are a great value for money since they help you achieve a quick and comfortable shave without any hassle.

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