Research tells us 2 in 5 men are mind-numbingly hairy.

Okay, it’s my personal research. But it’s extensive and veritable. I promise you that.

If you still have a doubt, try going hairy shirtless in your next date. I promise you will leave the room merry single.

Bottom line is any hair below the neck could be a turn-off. Getting rid of them with the best body groomer for men is what you should be looking at.

But a great groomer is not just yours if you buy a random shaver. It has to be checked for the quality of blade, charging convenience and longevity. That makes purchasing a little difficult.

So in this article, I give you the choicest tips on purchasing a male body groomer. I also give you my reviews on the top five body groomers.

Straight Recommendation: Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100

Top 7 body groomer comparison

/ Usage
Rating &
Mangroomer Ultimate ProPhilips
1 hr
/50 min
2 yr/
45 day
4.1 by
Mangroomer Ultimate ProWahl All
In One
1 hr
/4 hour
5 yr
3.8 by
Mangroomer Ultimate ProMangroomer Ultimate Pron/an/a4.5 by
Mangroomer Ultimate ProGillette
n/a2 yr
4.1 by
Mangroomer Ultimate ProPhilips QG3364/491 hr
/60 min
2 yr
4.2 by
Mangroomer Ultimate ProPhilips Series
10 hr
/35 min
2 yr
4.3 by
Mangroomer Ultimate ProRemington PG61711 hr
/4 hour
2 yr/
60 day
4.6 by

Trimmer or shaver! which one is the best choice for body grooming?

Trimmer or shaver

You make a choice between a trimmer and a shaver for only some parts of the body: the head, the beard and pubes.

Very few men like patterns on their chest.

For most of the back and the chest, shaving sounds a more reasonable option.

But wait. If you like it both this way and, you do not really have to make a compromise.

Just go for an option that does both for you. Many devices have a total school of attachments.

It pays off if you are subjective about the choice. Just make sure the shaver or trimmer works well for you.

How to choose the right body groomer?

Body grooming is not a one-dimensional exercise.

There are several angles to it. Some prefer total shaving neck below.

Some like patterns with hair.

Keeping these variegated interests in mind, you should consider spending on or more one of these categories.

  • Full body shaving: The full body shaving groomers are meant for shaving everything: from the head to the hair on your toes. They are generally pricier and come with a host of attachments. You will take your time getting used to it all.
  • Back shaving: For those of you who have a hairy wall on the back, there are several groomers that are professional back shavers. If you are lean enough, invest in a model that can be operated on the user’s back. Otherwise, go for one that has someone else do it for you.The best back shaver for men should cover you either way.
  • Pubic saving: This is a sensitive exercise that all shavers do not handle well. Look for the ones which are genuinely built for the purpose.On most instances, the best shaver for bikini area could handle the job for you. All additional precaution and exfoliation procedures apply.

Top 5 body grooming trimmer & shaver reviews

# Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100, Dual-sided shaver and trimmer

Our impression

Philips Norelco Series 7100

For the purpose of objectivity, please be informed up front that you will have to charge the shaver for 24 hours before the first use.

Now the Series 7100 from Norelco comes with one of the best shaving heads you will ever see on a body grooming shaver.

The head of the shaver follows each contour of your body with immaculate closeness.

The rounded blades allow prevent the trimmer from scratching the skin.

You have the option to select from one among the five different length settings.

If you are someone who is looking for the best shaving comfort below the neck, this is the one product you need to own.

This pretty much does it all – armpits, chest, groin area, legs, thighs and what not.

The device is completely water-resistant. You will discover equal joy using it inside the shower.

Since the company has implemented a dual-sided design, you can shave and trim with the same device.

Check price >> Philips bodygroom series 7100

  • 3D pivoting shave head follows contours closely.
  • Zero nicks and cuts with rounded blade finish.
  • 5 length settings.
  • Water resistant for use in shower.
  • Included batteries are cheap.
  • Build quality not great.
  • Issues with charger.

# Wahl Lithium Ion All In One Grooming Kit #9854-600

Our impression

Wahl Grooming Kit #9854-600

The all-inclusive grooming kit from Wahl does what most big brands cannot do.

It gives you a battery that lasts ten times longer than some of the best products in the segment.

It gets you about twice the torque and thrice the run time of regular shavers.

A quick charge gets you going in mere five minutes and you can attain full charge with an hour of charging.

Additionally, you get 3 distinct beard guides, a detailer for the nose, brow and ear, a T-trimmer which has three guide combs and a dual-foil shaver.

There are about six length settings (stubble to long) you can choose from.

The range between 2mm and 12mm appears really vast and honestly, you will not need the longer versions in many moons.

The device comes with a cord that is meant for recharging.

But you may also use it as the direct power source is the battery has died.

So that is another big plus for it.

Click to see pricing  Here! Wahl All In One Grooming Kit

  • Six different length settings.
  • Great battery performance; can run directly on cord..
  • Nose, brow and ear detailer.
  • 3 distinct beard guides.
  • Motor vibrations cause disturbance in longer sessions.
  • Nose, eyebrow and ear functions not too useful.
  • Subpar accessory quality.

# MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver with 2 Shock Absorber Flex Heads

Our impression


It is never quite manageable to reach all areas of the back by yourself.

So shaving the back is one exercise where you need professional (and preferably) help.

The Ultimate Pro shaver allows you to shave all your back without additional help.

There is a bonus Power burst button that shaves coarse and thick hair smoothly.

The flex neck is multi-functional and works with both the heads of the attachment.

You will like how it effortlessly moves down your back, following every contour.

The Shaver Pro could be your ultimate shaver for the back, if you get a couple of things right.

The two interchangeable heads are specced out well to take on large hair and carry out regular maintenance effectively.

The second head is for the shorter hair and you can be used it every third day or once a week, depending on your back hair growth.

The battery is fairly quick to charge and comes with an advanced indicator.

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  • Does not require help of another person.
  • Charges quickly and delivers long performances.
  • Multi-function shock absorber neck.
  • Two different shaving head attachments.
  • Requires maneuvering to some degree.
  • Not for people limited mobility.

# Gillette Fusion ProglideStyler 3-In-1 Men's Body Groomer With Beard Trimmer

Our impression

Gillette Fusion

The ProglideStyler from Gillette Fusion comes with trimming technology by Braun.

It is pretty slim for a multi-function grooming device and you will have no problem maneuvering it around.

It comes with three combs that are meant for custom length selection.

The ProglideStyler comes with the Proglide Power blades, which are the most advanced blades by Gillette so far.

While you cannot fall short on sharpness, you will have to watch out for the nicks and cuts they may offer on occasion.

The Edge of the blade comes with a precision edge, which has been built for defined and crisp lines.

The pack includes one power cartridge, one trimmer, a battery, an organizer and three combs.

Every comb brings a different length on the table that offers a consistent and custom length with contour adaptability giving you the added control. You can consider buying the Proglide Sensitive gel for the best match.

Buy Gillette Fusion ProglideStyler from Amazon

  • Waterproof, can be used in shower.
  • Trimming technology by Braun.
  • Three combs.
  • ProglidePower sharpness.
  • Precision edged blades for clean shaves.
  • Susceptible to cuts and nicks.
  • Some units may have power loss issues.

# Philips Norelco Multigroom 5100, 7 attachments

Our impression

Philips QG3364/49

If you have been searching hard for something that does head and facial styling neatly, the Norelco Multigroom could just be the right window for you.

You get 7 tools in all which take care of styling for the head and the face neatly.

The seven adjustments include: a hair clip comb, a guard trimmer, beard comb, foil shaver, stubble comb, nose trimmer and detail trimmer.

That is pretty much everything you need to shave and trim neck up.

And if you like many lengths for grooming, the 18 built-in settings for the length adjustment are a collective surprise.

The blades are self-sharpening and made of finely beaten chromium steel.

Got thicker hair?

No problem. The turbo boost mode delivers amazing results when shaving through thicker hair.

There is lithium-ion power supply that facilitates about an hour of cordless use.

That is great news for people who have been disappointed with the backup of some of the previous Norelco models.

Check price >> Philips Norelco Multigroom

  • 60 hours of cordless use.
  • Faster results with the turbo boost.
  • Blades are self-sharpening.
  • 18 length settings offer variety of styles.
  • 7 tools in package for total face and head grooming.
  • Poor attachment quality.
  • Heads become loose after a year of use.
  • Typical durability issues.

Faq (frequently asked question)

  • Hairy body!! Do women like it?

Subjective, but the fact that so many men are investing in decently priced grooming kits does give you an idea of whether they like it or not.

Again, several women have been open about their affinity for men with facial hair. But we really can’t say the same about body hair. So, it is pretty much a wise idea to keep things shaven neck below.

Of the women we interviewed, 65% women admitted they like men who have hair only on their head. And 85% women liked men who had no hair neck below, while 100% liked men in general.

  • Wet vs Dry; which is best way for body grooming?

It really boils down to the convenience of your mind and body. For the physicality of it, wet shaving is slightly safer since your shaver has a better chance of gliding through.

It also softens body hair and skin to give you an advantage over other forms of shaving since the skin has more moisture.This can be accounted for as a major wet & dry shaver difference.

However, dry shaving saves you a lot of time when you are really looking for a quick shave between other activities. If you choose a wet and dry shaver combo, you can easily find out what works for you.

  • Can women use men’s body groomer?

On most occasions, there should not be a problem.

There are several opinions that may sound otherwise.

If you have sensitive female skin, you should ideally not use body groomers made for men and go for women electric shavers.

But in that case, you will also have issues shopping for a groomer meant for women.

It helps if you try on a very small patch of skin first.

If you are lucky, it will just click for you.

If you are not, there are a few inconsistencies that you might have to face in the middle of it.

What makes the philips norelco bodygroom series 7100 better choice than the rest?

The Bodygroom Series 7100 by Philips Norelco is anywhere between $20 and $25 costlier than nearest equivalent from the Norelco series itself.

We are still putting our bets on the 7100 because it has the neatest execution out of all models we reviewed. You get absolutely zero nicks and cuts with the device.

It works wonderfully well inside the shower.

But the seal is in the five distinct length settings that actually work for you; unlike the 17 or 18 in other shavers where you end up using barely three.

And the pivoting head on the 7100 is way better at following contours than anything else you have seen so far.

Check out consumer reviews  and latest pricing on Philips bodygroom Series 7100

Bottom line

Buying a men’s grooming kit will really have you thinking from different parts of the body. Hopefully we have streamlined all that for you.

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