Picking the Best Safety Razor: For Minimalistic and Manly Grooming

Are you up for a comfortable shave without the hassles of technology? The right safety razor might be the answer for you.

Some top brands in razors moderate the contact between the blade and the skin. These were brought into use so that the level of skill and risk could be reduced at the same time.

In very less time, the safety razor became a popular item in every male grooming kit and its ease of use along with effectiveness saw it become the favorite of several manufacturers.

Here is a look into some of the best safety razors in the market along with some additional knowledge that will help in your purchase.

Straight recommendation: Vikings Blade Double Edge

Comparison Chart

ImageName&BrandOpening DesignBlade includesWeightDimensionsMade In
Vikings BladeVikings BladeButterfly570 g3.7 x 1.7 x 1"China
Feather Double-EdgeFeather Double-EdgeUnscrew590 g3.7 x 1.7 x 1"Japan
Merkur Solingen FuturMerkur Solingen FuturUnscrew10135 g4 x 2 x 1"Germany
Merkur Long HandledMerkur Long HandledUnscrew160 g3.75 x 1.5 x 1"Germany
Parker 99R - Long HandleParker 99R - Long HandleButterfly590 g4 x 1.5 x 1"India

What is safety razor?

A safety razor can be defined as an implement for shaving in which there is a protective device between the skin and blade’s edge.

These razors were first designed to alleviate the level of risk and skill needed for injury-free shaves.

This was also a step geared toward curbing down reliance on professional aid in disposable razor shaving. The grooming standards also rose with time.

The term safety razor was first brought into official use in an 1880 patent.

The basic contract would include a head for hosing a removable blade and a handle perpendicular to the head. However, it has been noted that this design actually predated the patent.

The brief history of safety razor

William Henson filed an 1847 patent application in which he described the device as one resembling a traditional hoe with head attached at right angles to a handle.

A pair from Brooklyn tried the first hand at registering a patent for the term “safety razor.”

This was basically the same design proposed by Henson, only with an addition of a metallic blade holder which has a removable cap, so that the blade may be removed or replaced.

Arguably the most prolific innovation in safety razor was the birth of the double edge blade, which could be used as a disposable blade that cuts with both sides.

Different types of safety razor

There are three basic types of safety razors.

3 Types of safety razor

1.One-Piece Design:

The one-piece head design is also commonly known as the single blade razor. The cutting head of the razor opens can be opened from two hinges. Most butterfly open razors available in the market also have a one-piece design. There is generally a knob somewhere near the bottom of the unit.

Pressing the knob opens up the headpiece of the razor. These razors allow very easy replacement of blades and this is chiefly the reason they became so popular. But they are also more susceptible to wear and the movable parts of the razor may break easily.

2.Two-Piece Design:

The two-piece designs are designed such that the cutting head can be removed from the rest of the razor. This is basically the design that was patented as “safety razor” in 1880.There is a long bar in the cutting head with a long bar and a screw at one end.

This design is preferred by several wet shavers, chiefly because there is no need to change the blade midway while shaving. Replacing the blade in two-piece razors is generally tougher than butterfly razors, but easier than the three-piece ones. But cleaning and maintenance is easier in this razor than other razors.

3.Three-Piece Design:

There are among the most popular safety razors. The earliest model dates back to the 1900s when Gilette first introduced the design. The design is actually similar to two-piece razors, excepting the fact that the base head is detachable. The three pieces include the cutting head, the handle and the base head.

These razors are extremely popular because these are very easy to clean and maintain. These could typically last a lifetime owing to the absence of any moving part. The only lacuna in the three-piece razor is that blade replacement is a tad more difficult in these razors.

Different types of safety razor shaving heads

3 Types of shaving heads

1.Straight bar:

The straight bar is by far the commonest headpiece design of the safety razor. It has been observed that almost 9 out of 10 safety razors make use if the straight bar design. Since the safety bar is straight, it takes pressure away from the blade. This design is also sometimes referred to as the closed comb design.

2.Slant bar:

The slant bar design for safety razors is where the bar of the razor has a slight tilt or is angled. This basically signals that the hair will be cut at an angle instead of chopping the beard straight down. It is more like the angled knife cuts when you want to chop vegetables with a kitchen knife.

3.Open combo design:

Open comb and closed comb designs are not hard to differentiate between The space between the grooves of the comb. The design helps in applying greater pressure on the blade’s edge when compared to a safety razor. These beards are general more aggressive and are better with thicker beard.

Our recommended top 5 safety razor reviews

Vikings Blade Double Edge

Our impression

The VIKINGS BLADE Double Edge Safety Razorcomes with an all-Swedish body.

The high end materials of the razor make this one a manly product to own, without the trouble of spending a fortune.

The VIKINGS BLADE product is essentially built in the same facility as many of its big-brand counterparts.

But the company has made a deliberate attempt to spend less on the branding and additional marketing costs.

The butterfly head of the razor allows you to change blades in just about 5 seconds.

The razor comes with a mirror and an exclusive travel case for the nomadic shaver.

If you like the idea of a free set of blades, the VIKINGS BLADE Double Edge comes with 5 premium platinum coated blades.

To complete the already impressive feature-list, there is a lifetime warranty on the product.

A slightly heavier weight on the razor is sure to flatter the old school shavers. But this may not appeal you if you are chasing mildness in the purchase.

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  • All-Swedish body.
  • 5 Extra Blades.
  • Heavy feel and comfortable shave.
  • Quick blade change mechanism.
  • Price-smart.
  • Complimentary mirror and case.


  • Not for mildness lovers.
  • A little heavy for beginners.

Seki Edge Feather All Stainless Steel Double Edge

Our impression

This one is another outstanding safety razor.

The Seki Edge Feather All displays a slim profile and has a comfortable grip on the handle.

The quality and craftsmanship of the razor is definitely something worth looking up to.

Seki Edge has done away with the expensive cartridges that had been maligning some of its previous models.

The stainless steel body of the razor only adds to the already complete profile.

The razor handle is approximately 3.5 inches long, which is pretty much the ideal length for close yet non-hurting shaves.

The handle has deep groves which ensure a tight grip even if the user has lather on his hands.

If you like to shave the head with safety razors, the All Feather will gel well with your head too.

Unlike many other razors that are made in China, the All Feather is crafted in Japan.

Apart from the all feather blades, you may use any other double edges blade with this razor.(Read full review)

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  • Gentle shave blades.
  • 3.5 inches long handle.
  • Deep grooves for tighter grip.
  • All-blade compatible.
  • Stainless steel body.
  • Made in Japan.


  • Slightly overpriced.
  • Too mild for some.
  • Not for the average everyday shaver.

Merkur “Futur” super Safety Razor, Satin Finish

Our impression

The Merkur “Futur” Safety Razor, Satin Finish has a Double Edge Design that impresses upfront.

The razor blade angle in the Futur is adjustable, which is a welcome change for those who have been using still angle safety razors.

It is generally meant for a comfortable and close shave and might not consort to the mildness quotient that many modern shavers seek.

However, the lack of mildness is exquisitely met by the Satin Finish on the body, which makes the razor look the class it is meant to be.

Made in Germany, the satin finish of the razor is easy to clean. All you need to do is dry wipe the razor after each shave. That will give it a completely new look.

But you should be smart to buy a few extra blades as the razor comes with just a couple of blades. Equated with the price, the Merkur “Futur” Safety Razor is just the honey you were looking for.

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  • Close and comfortable shave.
  • Lasting satin finish.
  • Neat ergonomics.
  • Smart pricing.
  • Old school shaving.


  • Average grip on handle.
  • Misleading adjustable angle.
  • Not very beginner-friendly.

Merkur Long Handled first- rate

Our impression

The Mekur Long Handled Safety Razor is made in Germany and is one of the top Merkurs by some distance.The extra-long handle has been specifically designed for those who have large hands.

The chrome finish on the razor is signature Germany. The double edge design of the razor guarantees a very close shave every time you feel an itch on the chin.

If you are one that shaves in the shower and likes using the razor in the shower, you will definitely like the Mekur’s stainless steel body that does not rust for some straight twenty years.

The razor is available in three variants – long, handled long and slim with guard.The long will help you if you are used to disposables.The transition will be smoother that way.

The screwing and unscrewing on this razor is easy. But if you want to shave the head with this razor, it can be a tad difficult.

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  • Stainless steel frame.
  • Seamless shower usage.
  • Long handle for larger hands.
  • Chrome finish.
  • Made in Germany.


  • Slightly harsh for beginners.
  • Angled usage may miss hair.
  • Not for shaving head.

Parker 99R – Long Handle

Our impression

This one is another leading safety razor in the market right now.

The Parker 99R – Long Handle SUPER HEAVYWEIGHT Butterfly comes in chrome plated and brass frame that has been declared sturdy for better durability.

Easy replacement of blade is facilitated by the butterfly head which twists to open. So if you are one for quick blade replacements, the Butterfly is for you.

There is a 4-inch long handle that ensures the best possible grip even when you are using the razor with wet hands.

The heavyweight design of the razor takes the weight to 3.4 ounces.
The weight of the razor is a genuine plus when it comes to the comfort of shaving.

But the real attribute of the razor is its aggressiveness. The performance of the razor on those lines is outstanding. This basically depends on the angle in which you hold the razor.

This generates really close shaves even in wet environments. In fact, the model beats some of its predecessors on the aggressiveness factor.

Best deal I found on the Parker 99R



  • Long 4-inch handle.
  • Aggressive with angled use.
  • Seamless blade replacement.
  • Great grip on handle for wet use.
  • Chrome plated.


  • Durability issues.
  • Not built for mildness seekers.

Things to consider when buying a safety razor?

  • Adjustable and stable razor head: The razor head has a great role to play in ensuring a close and comfortable shave. Some razor heads are straight and combed while others are slanted. If you are a beginner, you should go for something that is slanted. This way the razor cuts the hair at an angle and not straight down.
  • Handle length: The length of the handle is also something you need to closely consider. If you have small hands, you should choose a small handle for a closer experience. A long handle can be opted for if you have either long hands or need to exert greater momentum to tackle thicker beard.
  • Body shape and face structure: The shape of your face and head also determines the type of razor and razor head you should choose. Generally, the neck and chin areas are relatively more sensitive and you will.You should avoid the straight razor heads if you face sensitivity issues in the neck area.
  • Clean and sterilized razor: This is something you should place atop all other priorities. Most reputed manufacturers sell very clean and duly sterilized razor bodies. Buying a noted brand gives you a clear advantage here. You should also learn about the pre and post usage cleaning and sterilization techniques.
  • Closed comb or open comb: In a closed comb razor, the groves are placed inside a straight outline bar while in the open comb, the comb like groves sit on the outside. The open comb razor exposes a greater measure of the cutting surface to the beard. So it is more aggressive than the closed comb razor heads.
  • Aggressiveness of the razor: If you have thick beard, you should look for a razor that is aggressive. Closed comb razors are more aggressive than straight heads or slanting head razors. The open comb beards are even more aggressive. But if you are a beginner, you should choose a razor that is mild.
  • Changing the blade: Changing the blade of the razor is vital depending on whether you like shaving wet or dry. You may choose one of the double edge safety razors for shower shaving. A butterfly razor will allow you to twist and open the head, making it a lot easier to change the blade. Some razors are notably dangerous when changing blades with wet hands. Avoid them.
  • Cost effectiveness: Every razor must deliver worth the money paid for it. Some razors are very cost effective, some may be a little overpriced and some could even pack a great deal. But before deciding on that, it is important to determine if the razor you are picking suffices the contours and requirement of your face.

FAQ(frequently asked questions)

  • Safety razor V Cartridge razor:

Thecartridge razors are generally made of plastic and have no or very less weight on them.

This often forces the shaver to apply great pressure during shaves.

The multiple blades of the razor can at times be extremely close to one another, making it very difficult to get a clean shave.

Safety razors have a certain heft to them and you feel the weight once they glide down the skin.

Since much pressure need not be exerted, these razors are less likely to cause discomfort.

The blades of safety razors are cheaper than most cartridges and this makes replacement easier.

  • Which safety razor is the best for sensitive skin?

Most new wet shavers start with the prejudice that they have sensitive skin and thick beard.

But for most men, a medium aggressive razor is a good place to start. This allows them to learn about the proper angles and pressure application when shaving on sensitive skin.

Also, new shavers should try and use different brands of blades with one of these razors. As an example, a Feather will be sharp whereas a Derby will be mild in this category.

  • How long do safety razor blades last?

If you have a Shark stainless steel blade, you should consider using it all through a week.

The minimum maintenance requirement is that you should drain the water of the blade and make sure both sides get optimum usage.

But you should refrain from using the same blade for over a week. Also, if a particular blade has caused a cut, you should refrain from continuing to use it further.

But it should not be a great pain since these blades are easily replaceable.

  • How long the safety razor should last?

Most safety razors come with premium finish components and goof maintenance should see them last a lifetime.

But that only happens when you are ready to spend what it takes to bring home a premium safety razor.

For most mid-range razors the, the lifespan starts at 3 years and may extend up to 20 years.

Also, most of these razors have very low maintenance requirements and are self-cleaning to a certain extent.

So if you are looking for something that will last longer and cost less, the safety razor holds a few clues.

Wrap up

Using a safety razor is all about going back to the days when shaving was still considered as an art form and not just a shaving implement.

But buying a best safety razor is now more difficult than ever given the plenty of available options. But that has always been a pleasant problem and you now have the power to choose from several noted models.

Bottom line

A top rated safety razor is as much an artist’s tool as it is a shaving implement. Go for the one that compliments your manliness and the hidden male-art in you will help you make a pick.

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